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Zhiyun-Tech Crane-M Handheld Gimbal for Action Cameras

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Product Features

  • Wireless control by the Bluetooth app or remote controller
  • A runtime of about 12 hours
  • 360-degree movement from all Axes (Pitch, Yaw & Roll)
  • Quick-release plate
  • Tool-less, quick setup and adjustment of balance
  • Improved 4-way joystick with a large area flat panel

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The Zhiyun Crane-M is the FIRST 3-axis handheld gimbal that is widely compatible with smartphones, action cameras and compact cameras currently on the market. Weighing just 740g, the slimmed down Crane-M is small enough to fit into your backpack and take anywhere. Featuring all of the functions of the original Crane, but re-engineered for increased functionality and re-designed of the size and weight, the Crane-M is lighter, smaller and more powerful.

Wider Compatibility, Stronger Performance
The Crane-M weighs only 740g, with the payload of 125g-650g. It generally supports action cameras, compact cameras and smartphones:

  • All Smartphones: iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Xiaomi series etc.
  • All Action Cameras: GoPro hero 5/4/3, Gopro Hero session, Xiaomi Yi, SONY X3000R, HDE-AS50R, etc.
  • Sony DSC Series: RX100,HX60,HX90,w830,wx350,RX1R
  • Sony A6300
  • Canon power shot Series: SX720,G7 X Mark 2,G7 X Masrk 1,Sx620,G3X, G5X,SX720
  • Nikon COOLPIX Series: AW130S, S7000, A100
  • Lumix DMC Series: ZS110GK, LX100,TS30,ZS110,LX100,ZS110GKS
  • SONY ILCE Series: 6000L,5000L,6300L,7RM2,7k,6300L,5100L,6000L,5000L
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC: GF8,GF7,GX85,G7,GX8D
  • Canon EOS (M3,M10) ILCE-6000L, ILCE-6300L,6000L
  • Leica Series

Improved Four-way Joystick
Different from classic small 5-way joystick of Zhiyun other models, the Crane-M has been improved to 4-way joystick with a large area flat panel. Operations are all done by this panel, which is really more comfortable and easier.

Wireless Control
You can control the Crane-M by the Zhiyun Assistant app or remote controller over Bluetooth. Switch modes, adjust camera angles, monitor the status of your Crane-M, and customise your favourite settings in seconds.

Camera Control by the Gimbal
With built-in CCI (Camera Control Interface), controlling the camera by the gimbal has been achieved, for example, switch photo/record, zoom in/zoom out etc.

Zhiyun Core Technology, Powerful Motors, Precision Control
Zhiyun gimbal is the first in the industry to achieve 32-bit Triple-MCUs running in parallel at 4K HZ frequency that is far beyond the reach of others. Designed with high performance in mind, the Crane-M’s brushless motors are incredibly precise and powerful while maintaining low vibration and increasing torque. Industry-leading accuracy is increased with a magnetic encoder in each motor, the constantly improved stabilisation algorithms helps the Crane-M control the camera to0.01-degreee accuracy within 0.25 millisecond.

Long Battery Life
Using special designed 26500 Li-ion batteries, you can keep a runtime of 12 hours. The batteries only take three hours to be fully charged.

Tool-less, Quick Adjustment of Balance
With a newly designed quick-release plate and thumbscrew, the Crane-M is easy to balance without any tools. All 3 axes can be perfectly adjusted in about one minute.

360° Motors
The three motors rotate a full 360 degrees, which gives you an unlimited range and high flexibility during operation.

Lock Mode
In lock mode, the yaw, pitch, and roll axis work together to keep the camera pointed in one position. The camera will stay still no matter how you move the handle.

Two Follow Modes
The Crane-M features 2 different follow modes. In Yaw-Axis follow mode, the Crane-M will only follow your pan movements. In pitch and yaw-axis follow mode, the Crane-M will follow your pan and tilt movements.

Inverted Mode
Switch to inverted mode at any time by flipping the handle over the camera. Inverted mode can be operated in conjunction with any of the lock and follow modes.

1/4 inch Thread
The 1/4” thread located at the bottom of handle allows you to securely mount the Crane-M to a tripod, monopod, jib etc.

Additional features

  • Durable CNC Aluminum alloy construction
  • Weighs only 740g, 125g-650g payload
  • The industry’s first 3-axis handheld gimbal that can control cameras
  • Self-developed FOC technology with 32-bit Triple-MCUs + high pay-load brushless motors with integrated encoders
  • Detachable dual handle


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