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Wondlan WM-700B Professional 7" HD Monitor

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Product Features

Wondlan WM-700B Professional 7" HD Monitor

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This monitor offers a high quality TFT screen. the Wondlan WM-700B HD Monitor features low power consumption and a stable performance.

The WM-700B Monitor has a screen with 800*480 resolution. It has HDMI input and output interfaces and can be used with any HD video or DSLRs for view finding and can be used as a director monitor. The WM-700B also has interfaces for component YPbPr and composite video AV1/AV2, which meets the requirements of most DSLR cinematographers. The back of the monitor has a universal battery mount for Sony F970/F550 series, which can be used to mount batteries.


  • Built-in speaker and additional earphone jack at the front panel
  • Press '∨' button to switch to RGB monochrome display focus function (red, green, blue, black and white for accurate focusing)
  • Hold down 'menu' button to switch freely between standard screen and full screen
  • Hold down '∧' button to switch from picture size - 4:3' to -16:9'
  • Composite video input (3 in the left)
  • Component input (3 in the right)
  • HDMI input & HDMI output (optional)
  • Battery back panel can hold Sony F970/F550 batteries (also supports F550/F750/F770/F970/F930/F960 batteries)

DV Battery Pinch Plate

Supports the following types of Sony DVs:

DSCR1 / F / S / MVCCD / E / HC15E / HC1E / AE1u / DCRTRV828 / E / CCD-TRV116 / DCR-DVD / PS105K / 300K / 10P / 1E series;

DCR-TRV series, DCR-TRV E series;

VX2100E PD P series, GV-A700, GV-D800 FD / CCD-SC / TR3 / FX1E / HVR-AIC, HDR-FX1000E, HVR-Z1C, HVR-V1C, FX7E F330

Supports the following types of batteries:

QM-91D, F970/F960/F930/F770/F570/F750/F550

Display Screen TFT-LCD
Resolution 800*400
Resolution up to 1920*1080
Screen Ratio 16:9
Contrast Ration 500:1
Luminance 400 cd/M2
Viewable Angle 700 / 700 (L/R) 500 / 600 (U/D)
Input Signal HDMI, Component YPbPr, Composite Video AV1/AV2
Output Signalᅠ HDMI
Battery 6800 mAh/7.2V (external)(optional), can last for 8-10 Hrs.
Standby Current ᅠ50mA
Input Voltage DC12V (XLR DC Connection)
Power Consumption ᅠ8w
Audio Ouput 1w
Speaker X1 (front), Earphone output
Weight 510 g.
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