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Wondlan Single Arm Steadycam Vest with Magic Stabilizer

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Product Features

Wondlan Single Arm Steadycam Vest with Magic Stabilizer

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As an entry-level light load type steadicam, the the single arm steadycam of Wondlan has simple structure, convenient loading, light Weight, economic price and it can hold 1kg up to 5kg.


  • The stabilizer is strongly built yet lightweight
  • The length of the stabilizer can be fixed quickly up to a maximum of 71cm
  • The L-shaped design widens the range of shooting, photographers can shoot from various angles horizontally or vertically with a 360° free rotation.
  • Bidirectional baseplate with fine adjustment system can be adjusted freely to any direction and it can bear 0-3kg


Kit includes:

  • Wondlan MAGIC carbon fiber Handheld Stabilizer
  • Single Arm
  • Wondlan Vest
  • Soft Bag
  • Optional: Aviation Aluminum Box

The Vest:

  • The whole vest is simplified,with a thinner chest plate and a single knob to adjust its height.Its load capacity decreases but it is more flexible to operate
  • The Fixing Knob can be used to adjust height of the vest
  • The load Arm can be easily inserted in to the vest slots

The Arm:

  • The structural design of the Single-Arm steadicam Features 14 high precision bearing ,allowong more flexible operation.
  • The Arm can be collocated with the Mini Handheld Stabilizer,Magic Carbon Fiber Handneld Stabilizer and Light Load I-type Stabilizer.
  • The high precision bearings are designed based on human hand simulation,to achieve flexible operations.
  • The Arm can be quickly connected to the Vest port.


* Aviation Aluminum Box is an optional accessory you can add for additional cost


Mini Handheld Stabilizer:

The Mini handheld stabilizer is lightwegiht and adjustable, allows to achieve wide range of angles during the shoot.

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