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Wondlan Matte Box Standard Edition

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Product Features

Wondlan Matte Box Standard Edition

This product has been discontinued.


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The latest high quality cinematic matte box with higher capacities and a more favorable price performance ratio .Matte box can not only shield the front elements from direct light, but also provide slots for installing filters. It is an integral part of the toolbox of filmmakers. This version will provide you exactly what you need.

Kit includes:

  • Body of Matte box
  • Rubber washers
  • Filter frame
  • Adjustable filter


  • Three removable flags are made of aviation aluminum alloy, easy to install, dismantle and adjust manually.
  • With the 245-160mm (9.6メメ-6.3メメ) front diameter, 140mm (5.5メメ) back diameter, and 115mm (4.5メメ) distance between the front end and back end, it is applicable for 16:9 wide-angle lenses; it also has four rubber washers with diameters of 51mm/2メメ, 64mm/2.5メメ, 76mm/3メメ and 103mm/4メメ.
  • With a 360 degree universal rotating filter stage, it can hold Polaroid filters conveniently. And its double-purpose filter trays support filters of 4*4 and 4*5.65.
  • Body of matte box 1 pc

  • Rubber washer (4 types) 4 pcs

  • 360 degree free rotating filter slot 2 pcs

  • Filter frame (4*5.65) 2 pcs

  • Adjustable filter (changed to 4*4) 2 pcs

  • Upper flag 1pc

  • Adjustable side flag 2 pcs

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24 March 2017
Great Product
Works well on my 15mm setup