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Walimex Pro FT-8051 Lamp Tripod, 260cm

My Product Code: WMX-14776

Product Features

  • Sturdy and stable lamp stand
  • Has shock absorbers on each leg
  • High level of stability 
  • Includes carrying bag
  • Maximum load capacity up to 4kg
  • Maximum working height: 2600mm

This product has been discontinued.


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 With a weight of approximately 1780g and a transport size of 93cm, the Walimex Pro FT-8051 Lamp Tripod is easy to carry and transport to your studio or shooting location. The stand supports equipment up to 4kg and the spring suspension provides the necessary reliability when lowering the individual legs. The 5/8" spigot connection and 1/4" thread make this stand suitable for all common studio flashguns and lights.

Connection 5/8 Spigot
Connecting Thread 1/4 inch
Transport Length 930mm
Max. Working Height 2600mm
Min. Working Height 900mm
Max. Load Tripod 4000g
Pack Measure 93cm
Diameter 1st Tripod Segment (from below) 29,5mm
Diameter 2nd Tripod Segment (from below)Diameter 2nd Tripod Segment (from below) 25mm
Diameter 3rd Tripod Segment (from below) 21mm
Max. Capacity 4kg
Tripod Excerpts 3St.
Damping System Spring damping
Diameter Stand Area max. 950mm
Weight tripod 1780g
Number of Tripod Segments extendible 2
Fastening Tripod Connection Adapter Locking screw
Material middle column Aluminium
Material closures Synthetic material
Transportation Bag, Tripod included Yes
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