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Varavon Wirecam Full Set

My Product Code: VAR-WIRECAM-FS II

Product Features

Wirecam allows filmmakers to dynamically design new shots and allows them to secure their shots in 1 take with its ever so simple use. The Wirecam has great uses for both indoor studio shoots and outdoor sporting events.

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Varavon Wirecam Full Set (includes Battery/Charger, Rope, HDMI Tranceiver, 2x Remotes & Case)
Wirecam basically acts like an aerial camera dolly or slider system allowing the camera to track or “slide” along a suspended cable with tracking up to 100 metres in length or over 300 feet. This means its great for productions like stage events and sports or also for creating unique camera shots and perspectives for almost any type of production.
Utilizing a wireless remote controller the operator can control the speed and direction that the Wirecam travels along the cable while the included wireless remote for the the Birdycam 2 controls camera pan and tilt during the shot.
The combination of dampers in the Wirecam system along with the 3 axis gimbals of the Birdycam 2 completely eliminate camera vibration providing ultra smooth and stable high quality images from your camera of choice, with up to 2.5 kg of payload.
The Wirecam full set also includes a 0 latency HDMI wireless video transmission/reciever system so that video from your camera mounted on the Wirecam system can be monitored for control and/or directly integrated into your multi-cam live production switcher system.

 Because the”wire” is basically a high tensile strength climbing rope (available in various lengths at outdoor stores - 50m included) the Wirecam system can be very quickly be deployed, and easily setup and suspended in minutes.

 Wirecam offers unique benefits over competative UAV remote camera systems that you might want to use to capture similar shots, most prominently Wirecam provides improved saftey, as well as accuracy, as the system tracks an exact path as set by the suspended cable. As well, the system provides full repeatability, as Wirecam continues to track the exact same suspended cable path back and forth as many times as you like during the production, and also the system is much less obtrusive as it operates with much less noise and does not produce a wind wash, either of which could be disturbing to your subject or audience.

 The Wirecam system is also very affordable when compared to UAV systems designed to hold and control similar payloads.

 The Wirecam system can be powered by the included battery for short periods of operation or optionally you can use the integrated Vshoe mounting bracket to incorporate the use of V-mount batteries for longer run times.
Wire Cam Specifications
Construction Aluminum Alloy, Steel, Rubber
Weight 3.3 kg (7.26 lb)
Maximum Speed 40 km
Dimensions 668 x 210 x 118 mm
Wire Setting Distance Maximum 100 m
Inclination Angle Below 20 Degrees
Li-Po Specifications
Voltage 7.4 V 5200 mAh (Basic Supply)
Consecutive Time 20-40 minutes (fully charged)
Charging Time 70-80 Minutes
MZ-12 Specifications
Frequency Range 2.4- 2.4835 GHz
Weight 570.4 g
Dimensions 183.6 x  258.7 x 95.9 mm
Output Power 100 mW
Operating Voltage 3.4-6 V
Wire Specifications
Tensile Strength 804 kg (1768.8 lb)
Construction Nylon
Diameter 6 mm
Length 50 m
Number of uses 400-500 times (back and forth)
Flexibility 12%
Hard Case Specifications
Outside Size 837 x 430 x 219 mm
Inside Size 820 x 410 x 210 mm
Buoyancy 67.2 kg (147.84 lb)
Weight 7.8 kg (17.16 lb)
Birdy Cam 2 Specifications
Construction Aluminum Alloy
Body + Handle Weight 2.82 kg
PCB Alexmos 32 bit
Motors Pitch and Yaw and Roll
Stand Weight 0.6 kg
Total Weight 3.42 kg
Type of Closure Stainless Steel (sus) Bolt Assembly
Battery Specifications
Capacity Li-Ion 3.7V 10400 mAh
Cell Samsung SDI
Out voltage 7.4 V/ 16V/ 2A
Input voltage 16.8V DC
Size 141 x 82 x 22 mm
Transmitter Specifications
Video Compression H.264 Baseline Profile Level 4.2
System Latency 20-30 millisecond between Transmitter and Receiver
Digital Video IN/ OUT HDMI- v1.3a comliant, No HDCP
Input Video Ports 1 x HDMI - v1.3a compliant
Output Video Ports 1 x HDMI - v1.4 compliant
Video Resolutions (DTV) 480i/ p60, 576i/ p50, 720p50/ 60, 1080i50/ 60, and 1080p24/ 50/60
Video Resolutions (VESA) UXGA (1600 x 1200), SXGA (1280x 1024), WXGA (1280x 768), XGA (1024x 768), SVGA (800x 600), VGA (640x 480)
Digital Audio IN/OUT Pass- Through of 2ch. Linear PCM, DTS 7.1ch, AC3 7.1 ch
Input/ Output Audio Ports 1 x HDMI- v1.4a compliant
Radio Modulation IEEE 802.11a/n: OFDM
Frequencies Supported U-NII: Ch. 44 (5.22GHz), U-NII-3: Ch. 149 (5.745GHz), Ch 157 ( 5.785GHz)
RF Power (Aggregated) 16 dBm (40mW)
USB Firmware Update
Weight (g) Transmitter: 330g, Receiver: 330 g
Operating Temperature Operating from 0 degrees to 40 degrees
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