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Varavon SL-V 600 Slidecam Camera Slider 600mm

My Product Code: VAR-SL-V 600

Product Features

  • 600mm Camera Slider
  • Supports 20kg
  • 3 Ball Bearing Rollers
  • Height Adjustable Removable Legs
  • 3/8" Screw Compatible w/ Standard Heads
  • Adjustable Friction Break

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The Varavon Slidecam V includes three sets of 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting holes, three ball bearing sliding rollers & a built-in bubble level that enables you to balance the level of the track. It also has two collapsible height adjustable legs. All these features ensure you smooth as silk camera movement.

Kit includes:

  • Slider
  • Slider Carriage
  • 2 x Articulating Legs
  • 3 x Allen Key Wrenches
  • 2 x Pouches
  • Crescent Wrench
  • Carry Bag


Block Head Main Features:


3 units roller bearings: Strong and durable 3 units roller bearings make the moving shot in a perfect balance with soft and comfort.

3/8 inch lever mount:The 3/8 inch rotate lever mount helps with fast attachment and detachement.

Block stopper:Block stopper is able to stop without any sliding because of the strong friction between the rubber and slider.

Water level:It is easy to check the level by tripod water level.

Main features of rail shaft:


Chrome coating shaft:Chrome coating on the fine grinding shaft can prevent rust and corrosion.

Several mouting holes on the slider:Several of 1/4, 3/8 inch mounting holes are located on the left, right and the center of slider therefore variety of shooting is vailable.

Oil seal:Oil seal attached on the slider, keeps a clean state of the shaft all the time.

Graduated ruler:The graduated ruler is marked on the top of the slider, it helps you to take an accurate shooting.

Main features of slidecam leg:


2 joints-type filding leg2 joint folding legs help you to shoot at not only the flatland but also on variety of places.

Locking knob:The Dial-type knob that connecting between slider bar and legs helps the easiest and fastest attachment and detachment.

Height adjustment knob:Can adjustment of the slidecam's height accurately with spike knob.

PouchProvided pouch which can keep Slidecam legs.

Main features of Slidecam bag:


Using side zipper:Except the main zipper on the top.You can put in and take out the slidecam easily by side zipper.

Strap:Provided lengths adjustable strap.

Lite 600 Lite 800 Lite 1000 Lite 1200
Length mm (inch) 600 (24) 800 (32) 1000 (39) 1200 (47)
Weight kg 2 2.3 2.6 2.9
Width 45 mm/1.7 inch
Shaft size 6 mm/0.23 inch
Max load 20 kg/44 lb
Bearing 17 mm / 0/67 inch
Bearing height 7.97 mm / 0.31 inch

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24 March 2017
Got the longest version and its like having a dolly. 120cm of pure smooth, silent movement!
24 March 2017
Comes with a nice bag
I travel a lot so the V600 was enough for me. Really good quality, seems like it is CNC machined, and the legs make it work on uneven floor.
24 March 2017
Really smooth
Shoot weddings so need something on the go. Few friends have this and it always seems to work well so got one and love it. Could not be happier