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Varavon Slidecam EX Plus 1000 Slider System

My Product Code: VAR-SL-EX PLUS 1000

Product Features

  • 1000mm Slider
  • Load Capacity: 66.1lb (30kg)
  • Compatible with all 3/8" mount heads.
  • Built in level provides visual reference to level the slider
  • Several 1/4" and 3/8" holes providing many mounting options
  • Adjustable legs

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For surfaces not wide enough to support the legs, you can remove the legs and sit the slider on its feet, which are shaped like spinning tops.

The slider's width is 3.5 inches, wide enough for the slider to be secure on its top-like feet and to not easily flip over as you slide a mounted rig. Maximum load capacity is 30kg.

Ruler markings along the length of the slider will help with slides that would benefit from precision. A bubble level integrated into the top plate will help determine how evenly the slider sits.

 The top plate features a 1/4" screw and accepts any fluid head with a 1/4" thread and also accepts cameras directly. The slider weighs 4kg; lightweight, but also heavy enough to be even more securely positioned on a surface.


  • Choose between the 800mm or the 1000mm long versions.

Block Head

  • Compatible with all 3/8" mount heads.
  • The block stopper provides strong braking action without any sliding.
  • Built in level provides visual reference to level the slider.

Rail Shaft

  • The precision ground shaft is chrome coated to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • Several 1/4" and 3/8" mounting holes are located on the slider providing many mounting options.
  • The oil seal easily slides the length of the slider to clean the rails.
  • The graduated marks on the top of the slider provide reference for repeatable precision.

Adjustable Legs

  • The finger knob provides an easy connection between the slider base and the legs.

The legs can be individually adjusted for height.

  • Length: 1000mm 
  • Weight: 9.03lbs (4.1kg)
  • Slider Width: 3.5”
  • Shaft Size: 0.23”
  • Bearing Diameter: 0.67”
  • Bearing Height: 0.31”
  • Load Capacity: 66.1lb (30kg)
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