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SHAPE Composite Grip Camera Support

My Product Code: SH-COMPOGRIP

Product Features

  • 15mm Rod System and Paparazzi Riser
  • 4 x 15mm Rod
  • Quick Handle and Rod Block
  • adjustable shoulder pad
  • weight: 2.7kg
  • Anodised aluminium

This product has been discontinued.


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The SHAPE Composite Grip Camera Support is a professional hand-held camera support device that attaches the camera to the platform through a 4.5" mounting hole (11.5cm) and weighs only 2.7 kg

Composite Grip Camera Support allows you to raise the camera directly above the camera support or offset it to the right or the left. providing tight control on the position of the camera relatively to it's operator.

Kit Includes:

  • 15mm Rod System and Paparazzi Riser
  • 4 x 15mm Rod
  • Quick Handle and Rod Block
  • Shoulder Pad
  • Back Pad

Key Component's Features :

Paprazzi Riser: The SHAPE PAPARAZZI RISER is the common feature to all our SHAPE COMPOSITE camera supports.Made of anodised aluminum, it is used to attach the camera firmly to the SHAPE camera support.

Pair of 15mm Rods : located at the front of the camera support, are used to attach a follow focus, a matte box or other accessories.
Quick Handle Rod Bloc: The unique patented SHAPE QUICK HANDLE push-button technology features two handles that can rotate individually on a 360° axis. 

Adjustable Shoulder Rad : Padded for superior comfort, the SHAPE ADJUStable COMPOSITE SHOulDER PAD rests on your shoulder such that the body supports the weight of the camera and its accessories.

Back Pad : Powder coated for a professional look, the BACK PAD offers the camera support superior comfort and stability.

Sliding Rod Bloc : Attached to the SHAPE 15MM ROD SYSTEM PAPARAZZI RISER, the SHAPE SLIDING ROD BLOC enables vertical positioning of 15mm rods using a 4mm Allen key 
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