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Secced VCT Tripod Plate / Camera Adapter

My Product Code: SEC-SC-VCT18

Product Features

  • Robust, metal construction
  • Adjustable camera position with screws
  • Tripod attachment screw1/4"
  • Tripod attachment screw 3/8"
  • Dimensions: 282×27×80 mm
  • Colour: black

This product has been discontinued.


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The Secced VCT18 Tripod Adaptor is a one-touch adapter to attach/detach portable broadcast cameras or camcorders to the tripod. VCT 18 is a professional tripod attachment, a robust, completely metal construction, similarly to VCT 14. VCT-18 provides a greater stability and rigid mount between the tripod and the camera and above all a simple, safe and quick-release.

The VCT18 is built, designed and functionally the same as the Sony VCT 14, VCT U14, Panasonic SHAN-TM700, JVC KA-551U, PA-DV5000 tripod adaptors, but most of all it's equivalent to VCT14. (*VCT U14 is less robust and has more plastic in it.)

This Camera Adaptor is compatible with broadcast portable cameras and camcorders if they are supplied with the generally applied "V-wedge" (Sony type) tripod mounting plate.

Compatible with 

  • All professional ENG/EFP tripod systems 
  • All Secced ENG & EFP tripod systems
  • Sony, Panasonic, Thomson portable broadcast cameras and camcorders
  • JVC portable broadcast camcorders with Sony type, "V-wedge" tripod mounting plate, e.g.: 
    * SD: GY-DV550, GY-DV5000 series, etc 
    * HD: GY-HD200, GY-HD201, GY-HD251, GY-HM700 series, etc
    * HD: GY-HD100, GY-HD110 types with JVC KA-V100 adapter
  • Other brand broadcast cameras with Sony type ("V-wedge") tripod mounting plate
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