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Rotolight RL48-B LED Ring Light 'Stealth Edition'

My Product Code: RTL-RL48-B ‘Stealth’

Product Features

  • Adds warmth and natural lighting
  • Neutral Diffusion Filters Provided: Lee 298, 209, and 216
  • 80W Equivalent
  • 4 Hour Run-Time With 3x AA Batteries
  • Slides Onto Shotgun Mic
  • 48 Ultra-Bright Grade-A LEDs

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A super compact, ultra-lightweight LED ring light. It is a brilliant ENG/Filmmaking solution that perfectly slips and fits your shotgun mounted microphone (or hot shoe mount). It delivers pleasant natural light for videography and photography adding the extra value with its pleasant "Aura effect".

It has won a series of awards from the filmmaking community: What Digital Camera Golden award, British Journal of Photography - Best-value LED lighting and many more.

Pinewood studios, The home of "James Bond" and "Harry potter" are the wind in Rotolight's sails. The RL-48 Stealth lights were recently used in Tom Hanks award winning "Captain Philips"

Rotolight can be precisely controlled and dimmed (using ND filtering) over a range of 1.5 aperture stops. These super bright LED's provide give that great "Angelic Aura" effect, while revoking 'Red-Eyes' or shadows. This lighting kit has a matte black rubber Peripheral coat, which assists in minimizing reflectivity and undesired acoustic resonance (In windy conditions for example), and makes the ring climate proof. The kit is also inclusive of a Filter-Holder and Lighting color Gel Kit (made by renowned Lee Filters brand).

Kit includes:

  • ROTOLIGHT RL48-B Stealth Edition light
  • Filters Holder mechanism
  • Color Gel bundle


  • Adds warmth and natural lighting for any Videography and photography project with a fantastic ring light "Aura".
  • Delivers a calibrated 6300K, 5600K "Daylight", 4300K and 3200K "Tungsten" light
  • Hot-light equivalent output: 80w
  • Color Temperature Orange Filters Provided: Lee 205, 223, and 285
  • Neutral Diffusion Filters Provided: Lee 298, 209, and 216
  • Works great as a single light source in a scene and up to 4cm from subject with only 138mm in diameter and 90gr in weight
  • It is efficiently Powered by 3 x AA batteries.
  • Can be easily mounted directly over any accessory: shotgun mounted microphone or universal hot-shoe mount with the optional Rotolight mini stand.
  • Outer Diameter: 138mm
  • Weight: 90g (6oz)
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