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Proaim Sr. Pan Tilt Head with Joystick Control

My Product Code: DVC-PT-SR

Product Features

  • 7.2kg Load Capacity
  • 1.5 Meter Long 3 Pin XLR Cable
  • 1/4 inch Camera Mounting Screw
  • 360 Degree Endless Tilting Movement
  • 360 Degree Panning Movement With Reversal Point
  • Variable-Controlled Speed From 6 degrees/sec (low speed) to 51 degrees/sec (high speed)

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The Proaim Sr. Pan Tilt Head works well with DV, HDV and broadcast cameras weighing up to 7.2 kg. The head pans and tilts the camera smoothly and accurately with precise joystick control. Using this head with crane arms, tripods or any other remote operating situations will allow you to create extraordinary videos. It works on 12 volt power through the included AC adapter and easily accepts external 12V DC battery power through the included a 1.5 meter long 3 pin XLR cable. This head comes with a remote head that controls the pan and tilt movements.

Kit includes:

  • Pant/Tilt Head
  • Joystick Control Unit
  • 12 volt AC Adapter
  • 23 Foot long Control Cable
  • 1.5 Meter long 3 pin XLR Cable(for using with 12 V DC battery packs)
  • Camera Mounting Screw (1/4-inch)
  • 4 Head Mounting Screws
  • Carrying Case with custom-fit packing
  • Instruction Manual


Pan Tilt Head:

  • This head has 360 degree endless tilting movement and 360 degree panning movement with reversal point
  • This head has 360 degree endless tilting movement and 360 degree panning movement with reversal point
  • Speed is variable and is easily controlled and adjusted by "Speed" and "Dead Spot" potentiometers on the control unit
  • The dead spot control determines the center band of the joystick where no motion will occur, so you can set it to your abilities and ensure no crossover to the other axis when it's not wanted
  • You can use this head outdoors with a protective cover like a rain cover
  • The head comes with a carrying case with custom fit packing
  • You receive the pan tilt head with assembled wiring with top and bottom motor.
  • You just need to install the power out to head (3 pin connector) and 12 volt DC power (4 pin XLR) in rear of joystick box.

Joystick Control:

  • The Proaim Sr. Pan Tilt Head comes with joystick control system, 23 foot long cable and AC adapter
  • The joystick may be operated in the handheld position, from a flat surface such as a tabletop, or attached to the boom arm of a jib
  • For outdoor shooting, you can use 1.5 mtr long 3 pin XLR cable with your 12 volt brick or car battery

Universal Adapter for Worldwide Use:

  • This universal adapter is a compact one piece unit with 4 international adapters, a child protection safety shutter, power indicator and surge protector.
  • Maximum Camera Weight: 16 lbs.
  • Pan Movement: 360 degrees
  • Tilt Movement: 360 degrees
  • Variable-controlled Speed from 6 degrees/sec (low speed) to 51 degrees/sec (high speed)
  • Minimum Height of Head: 18 inches
  • Maximum Height of Head: 26 inches
  • Precision machined parts with the highest standard of industrial grade electronic components
  • AC Adapter Input: AC 100 - 240V
  • Output: DC 12V - 2A
  • Has two high torque, coreless DC motors that rotate (pan) and tilt the head 360 degrees
  • It takes 2 minutes to pan at 360 degrees at its slowest speed without stopping and 7 seconds at its highest speed
  • It will consistently go at its slowest speed without stopping
  • The camera platform height can be adjusted at any point

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24 March 2017
Great equipment, precise slow movements
Silky smooth, super cheap (for a head anyway), and quiet! Glad I brought it