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Proaim kit 6CF Rig with a MB-600 Matte Box, Cage and a Follow Focus

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Product Features

  • Complete Kit
  • Hi-grade aluminum components
  • Top handle with quality rubber grip
  • Customizable telescopic handles
  • Universal quick release plate
  • Completely modular

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The Proaim 6CF Kit is a lightweight quality camera rig that provides all the accessories a professional filmmaker can dream of. The Kit-6CF features a lightweight cage, shoulder mount rig, the MB600 matte box, Follow Focus X9 Gear, a microphone suspension, a V-remote control and many more.

The Proaim Shoulder Mount rig is a top-quality, highly compatible, and easy to set up rig. The shoulder mount’s telescopic handles feature comfortable grips, adjustable telescopic handles, and are compatible with standard 15mm rod systems. In addition, the shoulder mount features a quick release plate with 1/4” threads, ergonomic shoulder pads, a counter balance weight, and a straight bracket that assists in centering the camera.

The Kit also features a lightweight 6” camera cage. The cage includes a top handle with an anti slip, soft rubber grip, and cage brackets with 1/4” accessory mounting holes.

The MB-600 Matte Box is strong, lightweight, and easily attached/detached. The Matte box features a top flag, two side barn-doors with height adjustment knobs, two 4x4” rotating filter holders, and a cushioned lens ring set. In addition, a 95-77mm adapter ring, 4:3 and 16:9 ratio masks, and a front adjuster that mounts the matte box on 15mm rods are included with the MB-600.

The PROAIM Follow Focus X9 Gear is a highly adaptable, accurate, and solid product. The FF includes a 6 gear ring set and a speed crank. The gear rings in the set are easy to attach and differ in their diameters, in order to ensure compatibility with different sized lenses. The speed crank enables manual focus operation, thus providing a more accurate focus control.

 The V-Remote control attaches to the rig’s handle and features a start/stop button to facilitate camera operation while mounted. The remote control is compatible with any camera that features a 2.5mm jack plug.

The quality aluminum Shoulder Rig Support Rod assists in stabilizing your rig by transferring the weight from the shoulder rig to your waists. The support rod features a Comfortable padded waist belt, an aluminum ball tilt head, a telescopic extension rod, a 15mm rod adapter and a 1/4” mounting bolt

The Proaim 6-CF Kit comes with a foam-lined, custom-fit carrying case.


Kit includes

  • 1 X Proaim Shoulder Support
  • 1 X Shoulder rig Support Rod
  • 1 X Proaim X9 Follow Focus 
  • 1 X Speed Crank & Gear Rings
  • 1 X Microphone Suspension with 15mm Cold Shoe Adapter
  • 1 X Pro Zoom
  • 1 X V-Remote Control
  • 1 X Wire Organizer Clamp
  • 1 X Custom Fit Protective Case


  • Hi-grade aluminum components
  • Top handle with quality rubber grip
  • Customizable telescopic handles
  • Universal quick release plate
  • Completely modular

Follow Focus X9 Gear

  • Hard stops for precision focusing
  • Rugged anodized aluminum alloy construction for durability
  • High quality Follow Focus, extremely precise and silent
  • 0.8mm gear, easily detachable, can be used on the left or on the right side
  • Magnetically fixed and removable marker ring 
  • Allows you to achieve perfect focus every time 
  • Anti-Backlash Gear Box

Pro Zoom

  • Single rail aluminum 15mm rod mount.
  • Silent operation
  • Adjustable slide mounting mechanism.
  • Works with most standard lens gears


  • Easy operation
  • Compact
  • Multiple mounting options

PROAIM Follow Focus X9 Gear:

  • Industry standard 0.8mm pitch, compatible with follow 
  • Focus systems of other brands.
  • 13" Long Gear Belt works on any prime or zoom lens.
  • Unique locking method prevents slippage.
  • Precise CNC machined components

Gear Dimensions:

  • 55 mm - 65 mm
  • 65 mm - 75 mm
  • 75 mm - 85 mm
  • 85 mm - 95 mm
  • 90 mm - 100 mm
  • 100 mm - 110 mm
  • Gear pitch - 2.51 mm
  • Module - 0.8
  • No. of gear teeth - 107
  • Screw dia - 4 mm

Proaim 6" Cage:

  • Rails dia: 15 mm
  • Rail material: carbon fiber
  • Rail length: 4 pc 225 mm length and 2 pc 450 mm length
  • Cage material: black anodized aluminum
  • Knobs: strong and durable plastic
  • Height of cage: 6"
  • Weight: S.S weight with 15 mm clamp
  • Handle set: 15 mm telescopic handle set
  • 15 mm Straight bracket for offset use

Proaim MB-600 Mattebox:

  • Format ration: 4:3 and 16:9 (optional)
  • Filter tray holder size: 4 x 4"
  • Central bracket: the central bracket attaches mattebox to the 15 mm rods
  • Foam donut rings: kit includes five donuts with inner diameters of 81 mm, 78 mm, 75 mm, 65 mm and 54 mm. The outer dia of the mattebox is 95 mm.

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Joseph Bell
24 March 2017
Go to kit for pro results
I am just so happy at what my proaim kit has done to my shots. They have all been smoother, even when I'm doing dynamic scenes and I have never been more happier that I'm not constricted to just a tripod or a dolly. The shoulder rig is comfortable and the support is great but I can't really hold it for much longer coz my shoulder gives in. No matter, still a really great improvement on my shots.
Graham Warman
24 March 2017
Great piece of kit
The Proaim kit 6CF Rig with a MB-600 Matte Box, Cage and a Follow Focus is a great piece of kit and very good value for money. The people at Cameron king are very helpful and know what they are talking about. They could not do enough for me to make sure I was happy with my kit. Thank you Cameron king