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Proaim Quad Super Doorway Dolly

My Product Code: DVC-P-QUAD-S

Product Features

  • Weight capacity of 1100lbs / 498kg
  • Removable side boards
  • Switchable sitting position
  • Two-way steering 
  • Quick-change Pneumatic Wheels
  • Mild steel construction

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PROAIM unveils its new and strongest Quad Super Bazooka Doorway Dolly that is equally versatile on stage and location. Our Quad Super Bazooka Doorway Dolly features two-way steering, dual push handles, powder-coated frame, two-sided boards, Robust Telescopic Bazooka for myriad creative imaging possibilities, quick change pneumatic wheels and a camera tie-down. The rear axle telescopes outward for a wider stance and stability. In addition, the camera operator seat mounts in four different locations. The load capacity is over 1100 pounds and the platform is carpeted for a nonslip, low-maintenance surface.

Thanks to advanced technologies specifically designed to create the movies like never before. Check out the flexible features that increase the film production value. Outstanding weighing capacity, adjustable chair, supportive steering and much more.

Attention to Convenience
The removable side boards add an extra 10 inch per side for increased platform width allowing the operator to resize the Dolly the way it’s convenient in different shooting conditions.

Switchable Sitting position
Being able to mount the seat directly onto the post and installing it in four different positions gives the camera operator more choices for seating positions and camera angles.

Complete Control
The two-way steering provides full range of movement for greater turning flexibility with the capability of negotiating an extremely tight circle.

Multiple Angles
The Pnuematic wheels run in any direction smoothly; straight, left or right providing different shooting angles. Quick change Pneumatic wheels ride smoothly on many types of surfaces. The rear axle telescopes outward for a wider stance and stability. Swap the wheels to run the heavy duty dolly on straight or curved track

Load Capacity 500kg/1100lb 
Construction Mild Steel 
Platform  Wooden
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