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Proaim BMP60 S Long Blimp Windshield

My Product Code: DVC-BMP-60S

Product Features

  • Angle of the basket through the joint is freely adjustable.
  • Wind protection basket is removable
  • Flexible and stiff plastic skeleton
  • 60cm and 40cm Fur Covers
  • Adapter Set for Boom Pole
  • Different shapes of Mic Holders

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All microphones face the problem of wind noise during location shoots. For anyone who's gone on a few news or documentary shoots, this wind-blocking devices, either fur-covered or モzeppelinヤ microphone windscreens, work with handheld and boom-style mics. This Windshield System comprises a large basket style windshield with Screw in type of End caps, a shock mount suspension that holds the microphone inside the windshield.

The Proaim BMP60 S Long Blimp Windshield is a modular wind protection system for location sound recording. The entire zeppelin and suspension can be broken down, including end caps, support rings, suspension and handle / pistol grip. This enables more compact travel as well as ease and economy of replacements parts.

Kit includes:

  • Blimp windshield with Mic Suspension and Handle
  • Adapter Set for Boom Pole.
  • 60cm and 40cm Fur Covers
  • Different shapes of Mic Holders


  • Angle of the basket through the joint is freely adjustable.
  • Wind protection basket is removable
  • Flexible and stiff plastic skeleton in the wind basket in contrast to other wind baskets

Mic Suspension: Mic isolation is provided by the well proven suspension. The suspension mount can accommodate microphones up to 24mm diameter 16-inch long mics.Handle:The handle and suspension is made up of ABS plastic.

Boom Pole:The Boom can be attach at the bottom of the handle and the blimp can also be use without handle with the help of boom pole adpater on boom pole.Two way use:

This 60cm long blimp windshield can be use as 60cm long with 6 Inch extension basket or as 40cm long without the extension basket.Shockmounts are featured Microphone Clamps:This universal shock mount consists of two pair of thick rubber bands arranged tic-tac-toe fashion within a cylindrical framework. The mic is held inside of the "center circle" of the grids formed by the rubber bands. It will support just about any mic on the market except for the long shotguns.

Blimp is attached with a removable top screw or adapter to allow for quick and easy mounting of your various boom poles. This removable top screws are made up of plastic.There is a small threaded adapter which has 1/4 inch - 6 threads for boom pole . It can be removed, so that boom pole in the 3/8 inch threads can be used in the blimp.

Two of the worst problems that affect location sound recording are WIND NOISE and RUMBLE.

Handling noise:Wind noise is that blast of distortion and audio breakup caused from wind physically striking the sensitive diaphragm of the microphone capsule. For example sound when someone blows directly into a microphone. This wind noise can be prevented. That's what a windscreen does.Another reason to always use a windscreen is to physically protect the microphone from dust and accidental impact.

Handling shocks:Rumble can be defined as unwanted vibrations transmitted through objects into the mic capsule itself. Examples of rumble include ground or floor vibrations caused by nearby traffic, heavy footsteps and building/structural vibrations.Solution:The solution to rumble lies in isolating the microphone from these vibrations by some means of free-floating suspension which is the role of a good shockmount.


Suitable for use with these microphones:

  • AKG: C568EB, CK8 + C451 or C460, CK68 or CK69ulS + C460B (reduced, full or demountable) CK98 + SE300B
  • Audio Technica: AT835b or ST, AT4071a, AT815ST, AT877, AT4073, AT897
  • Beyer: MC716, MC726, MC736, MC836, MCE86(N), MCE87
  • Neumann: KMR81, KMR82
  • Sanken: CS-3, CSS5, CMS9
  • Sennheiser: K6 + ME66 or ME67, K3U + ME80, MKH60, MKH70, MKH416, MKH418 Sony: ECM670, ECM672, ECM999
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