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Proaim 7ft Wave Studio Jib crane with 100mm Camera Mounting Bowl and Stand

My Product Code: DVC-P-WAVE-TS

Product Features

  • Load capacity of up to 10kg
  • Easy to assemble & transport
  • 100mm camera bowl
  • Uses standard 1inch hole barbell weights
  • The main arm is easy to adjust for perfect shots every time.
  • Make of top quality aluminium and steel to guarantee length of life.

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The PROAIM Wave Jib Crane System has been designed for those that want a functional unit but who still wish to travel light when it comes to their camera equipment. This crane has been designed for those that desire something which is quick to use and yet remains compact. It is also perfect for those that desire something which is going to function well regardless of the situation. There are very few camera systems on the market at the moment which are as tough as this one.

This particular unit comes completed with a full-featured jib which has the ability to support any sort of film or video camera providing it weighs less than 10kg. The head on the unit is adjustable on 100mm. If you wish, you are able to purchased barbell-type plates as an extra which will allow you to add counterweights. However, the stability of the system means that these are not a necessity. No matter how you have your crane system set up, it will break down within minutes and it is ever so simple to use. This makes it highly portable.

There are a number of accessories on the market which are designed to slide right onto the jig. There will be no messing about here. Everything is done quickly and simply which means that you can get rolling sooner rather than later.

The arm of the unit can easily be extended by turning the lock levers which can be found on the crane. This is a highly stable system and despite being an extra mechanical system in place it is surprisingly stable.

The arm of the crane will extend all the way out to 213cm. At this distance it will be able to support 11.3 kg of load. This is absolutely fantastic as many similar units on the market are barely able to cope with this at just under a meter in length. You are getting almost double the functionality! At the shortest setting (which is 109cm) it is able to cope with 10kg with ease.

If you attach the unit to a tripod then you will be able to get fantastic shots either overhead or at ground level. This is ideal for use with any tripod that has a 100mm bowl head.

Kit Includes:

  • Assembly Hub
  • The Wave Jib
  • 100mm Camera Mount Bowl for use with tripods
  • Stand


  • Easy to assemble in a logical manner. It breaks down into easy to manage and store pieces.
  • The 100mm camera bowl will accept either 75mm heads or attach to any tripod with 100mm bowl with ease.
  • You can purchase standard barbell weights (these are not included)
  • Load capacity of up to 10kg
  • The main arm is easy to adjust for perfect shots every time.
  • Light enough to cart around wherever you wish to film
  • Make of top quality aluminium and steel to guarantee length of life.

75mm base bowl head :

The mounting bowl at the front is made from aluminum. This guarantees that it is robust enough to put up with anything that you throw at it. It has a 90 degree adjustment for tilt and can be fitted to both 100mm and 75mm heads.


The leveler is a highly useful feature. It will enable you to adjust your jib to work on surfaces which are not quite level. This means that you will get a fantastic shot without the shakiness of other cranes on the market.

Assembly Hub:

The assembly hub is able to house all 100mm tripod stands with a bowl head. The assembly hub is fully feature and provides perfect stability on even the most uneven surfaces. There are two controls in place which will allow you to set the perfect position for panning your camera.

  • Stainless Steel under mount with a 30 pounds capacity
  • Max Height Length of Jib Crane : 7ft
  • Weight : 65lbs
  • Camera Mounting Bowl is made of Aluminum
  • Load Capacity : 1 to 30 pounds
  • Pan Radius : 360 Degree
  • Camera Mounting Bowl Head : 75mm
  • Jib Mounting: Any Type of 100mm Bowl Tripod Stand
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