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Proaim 3 Axis Power Motorised Pan Tilt Dutch Head

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Product Features

  • Load Capacity: 13.6kg
  • 3-Axis Pan Tilt Head
  • 360 degree panning, tilting & rolling movement
  • Variable speed is easily adjusted
  • 12 volt AC Adapter
  • Outdoor use requires rain protection cover
  • Comes with custom fit carrying case

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The Proaim 3 Axis Power Motorised Pan Tilt Dutch Head is a 360-degree rotational pan tilt head, which is able to create dutch rolls as well. The motorised head gives operators an incredible range of shot selection and picture composition capabilities. You can now roll your camera 360 degrees and still achieve 360 degree, pan & tilt moves at the same time. No other system gives you this range of movement with the same fluid motion. 

Controlled by a joystick remote, the pan, tilt & rolling movement of the head works on 12 volt power and easily accepts external 24VDC battery power through the included 3 meter long 4 pin XLR cable. This 3-Axis Dutch Roll motorised head is a solid built unit with precision and a long life capability design. The frame is made of a durable high grade metal. 
You may run the Joystick from a flat surface or attach it to the boom arm of the jib. For outdoor shooting, you can use 3mtr. long 4 pin XLR cable with a 12volt Brick or Car Battery. The joystick has proportional linear movement i.e. farther you move the joystick, the faster the head moves.
  • 360 degree panning, tilting & rolling movement, 4 to 5 complete revolutions/reverse point.
  • Variable speed is easily adjusted by "Speed" and "Dead Spot" on the control unit.
  • The Dead spot control determines the center band of the joystick where no motion will occur.
  • You can set it to prevent crossover to the other axis when not wanted.
  • Outdoor use requires rain protection cover.
  • Comes with custom fit carrying case
  • The 3-Axis Head comes with wiring to the motors installed. Add the Power out to head (14-Pin Lemo connector) and 12 volt DC power (4 pin XLR) in rear of joystick box and you are up and running.
Included in the Kit:
  • 3-Axis Pan Tilt Head
  • Joystick Box
  • Foam Packing with Bag
  • 12 volt AC Adapter
  • 10 meter long cable
  • 3 meter long cable
  Pan Tilt Head Material   High Grade Aluminium
  Maximum Camera Package Load Capacity   30lbs
  Pan, tilt, roll movement   360 degrees
    Panning/Rotation   Tilting/Rotation   Rolling/Rotation
  Minimum   42 sec   1 min 15 sec   1 min 13 sec
  Maximum   5 sec   10 sec   8 sec
  Motors   Three high torque encoder motors that rotates (pans), tilts & roll the head 360
  Gears   3- Silver Big Gears (ia- 100mm)
  2- Brass Small Gears (Dia- 14mm),
  1- Brass Small Pan Gear (Dia-22mm)
  Minimum height of head   23.5 inches
  Maximum height of head   25 inches
  AC Adapter input   AC 100 - 240V ; output - DC 12V -2A
  Cable Length   13 meter
  Cable Connector   14-Pin Lemo and 4-Pin XLR
  Battery Cable   3 Meter long
  Camera Plate Size   12x3 inches, camera mount slot – 8”
  Weight of 3-Axis head   5.7kg
  Weight of Joystick box   815grm
  Box Dimensions   73 X 49 X 21 cm
  Joystick Controller   3-Axis
  Connectors   1x 4-Pin XLR male connectors
  1x 14-Pin Lemo connector
  Pan Direction   Yes
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