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Proaim 22-feet Jib Crane with Gold Pan Tilt Head and Heavy Duty Jib Stand

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Product Features

  • Up To 22ft Reach
  • Expandable in 4ft Sections
  • 360 Degree Pan Tilt Head
  • Joystick Control With 23ft Cable
  • Heavy Duty Stand
  • Remote Zoom & Focus Control

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The Proaim 22-feet Jib Crane has the ability to telescope and nest within itself. This crane's modularity is built on its lightweight, octagonal, high grade aluminum, black powder coated with 4-feet extension sections which start at the tail of the jib, with the largest diameter, and progressively get smaller as you get closer to the camera. The best part is, the arm breaks down to fit into a 51-inch carrying case. The pivot, camera platform, rear control center and miscellaneous items fit into a suitcase. The Production Package is the best suited package for making professional videos at various occasions and filming video concerts.

Kit includes:

  • Proaim 22-feet Jib Crane with Accessories:
  • Camera Platform
  • Rear Control Section
  • Stress Cable
  • Carrying Case for Jib Arm and Stand
  • Custom-fit Suitcase for Accessories
  • Gold Pan Tilt Head with Accessories:
  • Joystick Box
  • 12 volt AC Adapter
  • Universal Adapter
  • 32-feet long cable with XLR connector for Joystick and Motors
  • 1.5 meter long cable with connector for using battery on field
  • Camera Mounting Chucknut (1/4-inch screw)
  • 4 Head Mounting Screws
  • Foam Packing with Bag
  • Heavy Duty Jib Stand:
  • Spreader and Feet
  • Focus and Zoom Control Kit:
  • Remote Control with Mounting Clamp
  • Zoom Bracket w/ Gearbox Block
  • Focus Bracket w/ Gearbox Block
  • 32-feet long Drive Cable with connectors
  • 2x 13 inch Gear belts 0.8 module
  • Battery with Charger and Cable
  • Foam Packing with Travel Bag


Jib Crane:

  • Expandable from 4-feet (one section) to 22-feet (seven section) in 3-feet increments
  • Each extendable section is 4-feet long giving 1-feet overlaps between sections
  • As each section is pulled from the previous section, you can store unused sections in the tail as ballast weight and lighten your counterweight demand
  • The Rear Control Center has provisions for mounting the Joystick Control box, LCD Monitor and Zoom Controller

Gold Pan Tilt Head:

  • This head has 360 degree end less tilting movement and 360 degree panning movement with reversal point.
  • Speed is variable and is easily controlled and adjusted by "Speed" and "Dead Spot" potentiometers on the control unit.
  • The Dead spot control determines the center band of the joystick where no motion will occur. This way you can set it to your abilities and insure no crossover to the other axis when not wanted.
  • You can use this head for outdoors shoot occasionally but with some sort of protection cover i.e rain cover or fiber sheet.
  • The gold pan tilt head is assembled with wiring with Top and Bottom Motor. You just need to Install the Power out to head (3 pin connector) and 12 volt DC power (4 pin XLR) in rear of joystick box

Joystick Control:

  • The joystick control system includes a 23 foot long operating cable and AC adapter.
  • Operational from a flat surface in handheld mode or when attached to the bottom of the jib arm.
  • Exterior shooting can be powered by 12v car batteries.

Superb Proportional Control:

  • Joystick has proportional linear movement
  • Joystick is touch sensitive:
  • Small movement - less speed
  • More movement - more speed

Heavy Duty Jib Stand:

  • The Heavy Duty Jib Stand is a rock solid made of aluminum, a very robust and long-lasting stand ever-built.
  • It has a strong hub assembly fully solid.
  • The spreader feet are solid and has a double lock strong knob and locking pin as well.
  • The spreader is fully extendable up to 2ft from its center.
  • This Stand supports and balance the crane perfectly
  • The solid jib stand itself weights 17kg including spreader.

Remote Zoom and Focus Control:

  • The Proaim Remote Zoom and Focus Control clamps to any tripod handle, jib, or support bar.
  • The e-Focus Pro control provides precise control of zoom and focus with a remote focus and zoom dial.
  • With its heavy-duty aluminum housing the e-Focus Pro is designed for operator comfort and long-term use.
  • The system consists of the Zoom and Focus Controls.
  • 4-pin connector on e-Focus control power switch on/off on e-Focus control The 13-inch rubber 0.8 gear belt slips over the lens zoom and focus ring and attaches to the drive gear on zoom and focus brackets.
  • The zoom and focus brackets has 15mm rod adapter to mount on your 15mm rod support
  • The built-in gearbox block on zoom and focus brackets enables smooth working of gear e-Focus Control provides smooth manual focus control of lenses

Storage Cases:

  • Foam lined, custom fit, protective storage cases with easy tote handles.

Jib Arm:

  • Jib Arm Material: High Grade Aluminum HE30
  • Jib Arm Shape: Octagonal
  • Jib Arm Dimensions:
    • Jib Arm Octagonal Tube: 1st section (weight section)
    • Internal Diameter: 164mm
    • Outer Diameter:156mm
    • Jib Arm Octagonal Tube: 2nd section
    • Internal Diameter: 154mm
    • Outer Diameter: 146mm
    • Jib Arm Octagonal Tube: 3rd section
    • Internal Diameter: 144mm
    • Outer Diameter: 136mm
    • Jib Arm Octagonal Tube: 4th section
    • Internal Diameter: 134mm
    • Outer Diameter: 126mm
    • Jib Arm Octagonal Tube: 5th section
    • Internal Diameter: 124mm
    • Outer Diameter: 116mm
    • Jib Arm Octagonal Tube: 6th section
    • Internal Diameter: 114mm
    • Outer Diameter: 106mm
    • Jib Arm Octagonal Tube: 7th section (top section)
    • Internal Diameter: 104mm
    • Outer Diameter: 96mm
  • Height from Ground: 20 feet
  • Jib Arm Thickness: 3mm
  • Jib Crane Length: 22 feet (6.7m)
  • Jib Arm Length (each): 4 feet
  • Finish: Black Powder Coated
  • Coupling Jib Arm Sections:A union coupling design of jib arm is done by washer and steel bolt and shank with external clamps as well as Pin Lock for double locking system
  • Jib Arm break downs to: 7 Sections of 4 feet each
  • Camera Platform Leveling: By control cable
  • Stress Cable: High carbon steel with electro galvanized 4mm tested wire at 800kg
  • Multiple Alignment:Multiple user friendly alignment of stress cable is provided for making jib stand straight without any curve
  • Carrying Case Size: 51 inches
  • Jib Crane Weight: 30kg (66lbs)
  • Max Camera Package Load Capacity including Power Head (weight of Power Head - 4.8kg (10.5lbs): 45lbs (20kg)


Height Range:

Height of Jib Arm while Stand Adjusted at Maximum height of 5 feet:

  • 20 feet high at 22 feet length
  • 17.4 feet high at 19 feet length
  • 15 feet high at 16 feet length
  • 12 feet high at 13 feet length
  • 9 feet high at 10 feet length
  • 6 feet high at 7 feet length


Balancing Chart:

Add Counter weights in the rear section of jib according to camera and pan tilt head weight as per this chart:

  • The jib has a varying weight ratio depending on the length you have chosen.
  • The 22 feet arm itself balances at about 137.5lbs. Just multiply the weight, of the additional items you will put on the end of the arm, by 5 and you will know how much weight to buy.
  • Buy a few extras in case you add other accessories.
  • 19 feet arm balances at about 88lbs. Multiply the weight, of the additional items you will put on the end of the arm, by 4 & add the weights accordingly.
  • 16 feet arm balances at about 49lbs. Multiply the weight, of the additional items you will put on the end of arm, by 3.5 & add the weights accordingly.
  • 13 feet arm balances at about 27lbs. Multiply the weight, of the additional items you will put on the end of arm, by 2 & add the weights accordingly.
  • 10 feet arm balances at about 7.4lbs. Multiply the weight, of the additional items you will put on the end of arm, by 1.8 & add the weights accordingly.


Gold Pan Tilt Head:

  • Maximum camera weight capacity: 30lbs
  • Pan movement: 360 degrees
  • Tilt movement: 360 degrees
  • Speed Control:Variable-controlled speed from 6 degrees/sec (low speed) to 51 degrees/sec (high speed)
  • Minimum height of head: 18 inches
  • Maximum height of head: 26 inches
  • Material Used:Precision machined parts with the highest standards of industrial grade electronic components. Gears made of Brass
  • AC Adapter input: AC 100 - 240V ; output - DC 12V -2A
  • Two Motors:Has two high torque, core-less DC motors that rotates (pans) and tilts the head 360 degrees
  • Speed Time:It takes 2 minutes to pan at 360 degrees at its slowest speed without stopping and 7 seconds at its highest speed. It will consistently go at its slowest speed without stopping. The camera platform height can be adjusted at any point.
  • Mounting Base: Square with four mounting screw & nut
  • Weight: 10.5lbs (5.3kg)


Jib Stand:

  • Material Used: Rock Solid Heavy duty Jib stand made of solid aluminum is foundation of Jib Crane
  • Maximum Height: 5 feet
  • Mount Type: U-Mount
  • Hub Assembly Material: High Grade Aluminum HE30
  • Hub Assembly Diameter: 148mm
  • Stand Legs: Has double locking system (Aluminum knob and Steel Pin Lock system as well) fully extendable
  • Stand Leg diameter: 38mm x 51mm
  • Carrying Case Size: 34 inches
  • Weight: 33lbs(14.8kg)
  • Spreader Max Opening from Center: 2.4feet
  • Spreader Distance: 3.11 feet
  • Spreader Feet: Made of solid aluminum with Steel Lock Pin
  • Spreader Weight: 5lbs. (2.3kg)


Zoom Controller:


  • Exchange switch: LANC / P (LANC - Most Sony and Canon cameras with LANC jack/P - Panasonic cameras with Cam Remote jack)
  • REC: Record start/stop
  • ZOOM: Zoom lever can be variable for zoom speed


  • Clamp distance (diameter): 0.4 - 1.2 inches (10 - 30mm)
  • Connector cable: 2.5mm Stereo mini jack
  • Cable Length: 22 feet + 3 feet (Extension)
  • Operating Temperature: 32-104°F(0 - 40°C)
  • Weight: 6.7oz (190g)

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16 October 2018
Never knew Proaim could do this!
Solid, great reach and range. Good build!
24 March 2017
No complaints with shipping
I did not expect my order to be here today. I had my my jib order delivered to my studio. I was out for lunch at that time but my assistant called and told me that the package just came in. That was really convenient for me. Finished lunch and went back to the studio to check how it looks and I have no regrets with the purchase because the equipment is really top notch. Will be ordering again soon.
24 March 2017
22ft of pure steel (its not steell)
This is well made and feels pretty dam solid. Think maybe I under estimated the size and bulkyness of it, but it is 22ft after all, The gold pan tilt works perfect and is silky smooth. Only thing I don't like is that it takes a little while to disemble it.