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PROAIM 18ft. Camera Jib Arm with Jr. Pan-Tilt Head, Jib Stand & LCD Monitor Arm

My Product Code: DVC-P-18-JS-JR

Product Features

  • 18ft reach
  • For cameras up to 6kg
  • Uses standard 1inch hole weights
  • Weight capacity of the stand is 90 kg
  • All aluminum construction.
  • Breaks down into five easily transported sections.

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For all those occasions where 'the money shot' needed a crane move to 'sell it', but budgets cut the rental of dolly, track, set up time and personnel, Proaim comes to the rescue. Our Proaim 18' crane, is a professional camera platform that eliminates conventional 'old style' cinematography requirements and puts those money shots where they belong, on your demo reel.

Don't let Jr. in the name fool you. The lineage of 'built in' quality design and engineering matches that of its big brother for capability and ease of use. Add industrial grade electronics and remote control operation and you have an unbeatable combination of form and function for cameras 6kg or less.

Kit includes:

  • 18ft Crane
  • Tripod Stand
  • Jr. Pan and Tilt Head
  • LCD Monitor Arm
  • Joystick Box
  • Universal Adapter
  • AC Adapter
  • Cable wires with Connector


  • Fully Ribbed Sections for strength allows camera weights from 6kg without the Head and from 2.7 to 4.5kg with the head.
  • Heavy duty adjustable Metal Wire System accepts weights of modern dv/hdv heavy cameras without any bending making our PROAIM 18' Jib Arm a very stable camera platform.
  • Tilting movements achieved with the on board control handle.
  • Each jib kit comes complete with its own stand - no expensive tripod required.
  • Stronger weight bar to achieve perfect balance.
  • Uses standard household style exercise weights. (1 inch hole)
  • Fixed camera angle achieved when controlling handle is pin locked.
  • Breaks down into five easily transported sections.
  • Triangular boom designed for increased strength and minimal weight.
  • Easily attached to the Jib Stand.
  • All aluminum construction.
  • Portable easy to carry in supplied custom made carrying case.
  • Can be assembled by one person in a matter of minutes.
  • Height from the ground - 18ft (when tripod adjusted at 5.5ft)
  • Length of Crane - 17.2ft
  • Length of Crane from tripod to camera plate - 13.8ft
  • Weight of Jib Crane - 15kg
  • Weight of Jib Stand 6.5kg
  • Easy one person assembly in minutes
  • Triangular forged boom for superior strength
  • All Aluminum non reflective black anodized construction
  • Infinite balance control
  • 3 ribbed arm sections
  • Full 18' rise
  • A best of all price point- less than $1,200
  • Made of Aluminum Black anodized.
  • Base spread: 32"- 48"
  • Height adjustment 44"-80"
  • Collapsed height 46"
  • Rock solid support system.
  • Safety Pin for Security.
  • Weight capacity of the stand is 90 kg
  • 360 degree end less tilting movement and 360 degree panning movement with reversal point.
  • Variable speed is easily controlled and adjusted by "Speed" and "Dead Spot" potentiometers on the control unit.
  • Dead spot control determines the center band of the joystick for zero motion. Set it to ensure no crossover to the other axis when not wanted.
  • For occasionally exterior shooting rain cover protection is required.
  • The Head comes with a custom fit foam lined carrying case
  • Delivered with 'in place' wiring to Top and Bottom Motor. To power up Install the Power out to head (3 pin connector) and 12 volt DC power (4 pin XLR) in rear of joystick box.
  • The PROAIM PAN TILT head comes with Joystick control system, 23 foot long cable and AC Adapter.
  • The joystick may be operated in the handheld position, from a flat surface such as a table top, or attached to the boom arm of Jib.
  • For Outdoor shooting, you can use 1.5 m long 3 pin XLR cable with a 12 volt Brick or Car Battery.
  • Maximum camera weight: 10 lbs.
  • Pan movement: 360 degrees.
  • Tilt movement: 360 degrees.
  • Variable-controlled speed from 6 degrees/sec (low speed) to 51 degrees/sec (high speed).
  • Precision machined parts with industrial grade electronic components.
  • AC Adapter input - AC 100 - 240V output - DC 12V -2A.
  • Dual high torque, coreless, DC motors for pan and tilt functions.
  • 2 minute travel time to pan at 360 degrees at its slowest speed without stopping and 7 seconds at its highest speed.
  • Consistent movement at its slowest speed without stopping.
  • The camera platform height can be adjusted at any point.

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24 March 2017
I am very happy with my new crane
This is a very handy to use crane. I can fix the crane in about 30 minutes and the crane is very easy to use it. I am very happy with my new toy !!!!!