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Proaim 18-feet Camera Jib Crane with Tripod Stand

My Product Code: DVC-P-18-JS

Product Features

  • 18ft Reach
  • Can be used as 10ft & 14ft Jib
  • All Aluminium Anodized Construction
  • 7.5kg Capactiy (without head)
  • 4.5kg Capacity (with head)
  • Solid Tripod Stand

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Proaim 18-feet Camera Jib Crane with Tripod stand is a professional camera platform that eliminates conventional 'old style' cinematography requirements and puts those money shots where they belong, on your demo reel.

Kit includes:

  • Proaim 18-feet Camera Jib Crane
  • Tripod Stand
  • Storage Case


Jib Crane:

  • Can be used as 14ft and 10ft Jib
  • All aluminum non reflective black anodized construction
  • Fully ribbed sections for strength allows camera weights from 4.5 to 7.2 kg without the head and from 2.7 to 4.5 kg with the head
  • Heavy duty adjustable Metal Wire System accepts weights of modern DV/HDV heavy cameras without any bending
  • A very stable camera platform
  • Tilting movement achieved with the on board control handle
  • Each jib kit comes complete with its own stand-no expensive tripod required
  • Stronger weight bar to achieve perfect balance
  • Uses standard household style exercise weights (1 inch hole)
  • Fixed camera angle achieved when controlling handle is pin locked
  • Triangular boom designed for increased strength and minimal weight
  • Breaks down into five easily transported sections
  • Can be assembled by one person in a matter of minutes

Tripod Stand:

  • Made of Aluminum black anodized
  • Rock solid support system
  • Safety pin for security

Storage / Shipping case:

  • Foam lined, custom fit, protective shipping/storage cases with easy tote handles/slings
  • A shoulder strap and carrying handles makes transportation strain free and easy

Jib Crane:

  • Height from the ground: 18ft (when tripod adjusted at 5.5ft)
  • Length of Crane: 17.2ft
  • Length of Crane from tripod to camera plate: 13.8ft
  • Weight of Jib Crane: 33lbs (14kg)
  • Weight of Jib Stand: 10 lbs (4kg)
  • Ribbed Sections for strength allows camera weight:
  • from 10 to 16.5 lbs without the head
  • from 6 lbs to 10 lbs with the head

Tripod Stand:

  • Base Spread: 32 inches ヨ 48 inches
  • Height Adjustment: 44 inches ヨ 80 inches
  • Collapsed Height: 46inches
  • Weight Capacity of the Stand: 200lbs (90kg)

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24 March 2017
The best of both worlds
I needed a camera jib crane that was strong and sturdy enough to withstand anything I could throw at it. For me quality is always the first priority and the price second. I don't mind something thats expensive if it is a good investment. I think I have the best of both worlds from this deal, the price is not so over the top and the quality is top notch.