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Proaim 12ft Jib Arm with a Jib Stand (Max. payload of 20lbs)

My Product Code: DVC-P-12-JS

Product Features

  • 12ft Reach
  • 9kg Load Capacity
  • Triple Arm Section For Maximum Stability
  • Uses Standard 1inch Hole Weights
  • Heavy Duty Jib Stand
  • Portable and Very Easy To Carry

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This medium size version of the Proaim jib, works well with camera configuration weighing up to 9 kg. A quality jib is essential for both professionals and independent video makers. This jib is flexible and packed with all necessary features to enable the shooting of all types of video. You can create awe-inspired footage from a variety of angles with this jib. This film equipment is characterized by it's smooth linkage system; you will never get any binding, jerking or slippage while operating this jib/crane.

The jib arm is made of three ribbed sections that make it strong enough to hold heavy cameras weighing up to 9 kg without any shaking. It has an adjustable metal wiring system that makes the jib arm stable. This is an ideal solution for start-ups, film-makers and production companies working on a budget.

Kit includes:

  • Proaim 12-feet Jib Arm
  • Jib Stand
  • Storage Case


Jib Arm:

  • Fully ribbed section makes the jib stronger to bear the camera weight of up to 9kg
  • Adjustable metal wire system bears the weight of DV, HDVand HDV heavy cameras without bending
  • Handle controls tilting movements
  • Triple arm section for maximum stability and minimum wobble
  • Jib comes complete with own stand - very useful as no expensive sturdy tripod is needed
  • Stronger weight bar to easily achieve perfect balance
  • Uses standard household style exercise weights (1 inch hole)
  • The controlling handle is locked with a pin to fix the camera angle
  • Breaks down into three easily transported sections
  • Triangular boom for increased strength
  • The LCD monitor may be attached on the jib arm
  • All aluminum construction
  • Portable and very easy to carry
  • Can be assembled by one person in a matter of minutes

Jib Stand:

  • Accommodates heavy duty jibs
  • Very useful for jibs mounting
  • Lightweight, compact, and sturdy
  • Quick set-up and breakdown design
  • Non-slip feet
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Portable - legs fold for transport
  • Professional design
  • Easily collapsible

Jib Crane:

  • Length of Jib: 11.8-feet
  • Height Range from ground level 11.8-feet while tripod adjusted at height of 5-feet
  • Weight of Jib only: 17lbs

Jib Stand:

  • Weight of Jib Stand: 10lbs
  • Made of black anodized aluminum
  • Base Spread: 32 inches - 48 inches
  • Height Adjustment: 44 inches - 80 inches
  • Completely Collapsed Height: 46 inches
  • Makes the jib-arm stable and solid as a rock
  • Safety Pin for secure pole
  • Weight Capacity of the Stand is 200lbs (90kg)

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24 March 2017
A cheaper yet quality option
A cheap jib that supports up to 9kgs of weight, exactly what I wanted. I only got the jib arm and the stand with the kit but the price is reasonable enough for that. I'll have to buy the other accessories that I need myself (like head and monitor). I'm on a tight budget and this is exactly the jib that I was looking for with the right height and the right price.
24 March 2017
Quality item, lightning fast delivery
I saw the very same jib crane on a set I was 2nd AC'ing. I decided to purchase one of my own because the need arouse. It's just like how I saw it on the set, it's very sturdy and it holds the weight of the camera properly without bending. The shipping is better than alright too. I was expecting it to come a week or so after but it came 2 days earlier than expected