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Pro 80cm Reflector 5-in-1 Multi Collapsible Panel 32"

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Product Features

  • 5-in-1 Multi Collapsible Panel
  • 32" in diameter
  • Size collapsed: 15" (35 cm) round
  • gold, silver and white reflectors
  • Includes diffuser and a blackout
  • Bonus zipped round carry Bag

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The Pro 80cm Reflector 5-in-1 Multi Collapsible Panel 32" is a high-quality reflector and lighting accessory.

White Reflector generally reflects less than half the light to the subject. Colour saturation is generally lower than a silver or gold reflector, and when used outdoors, the photo will have slightly warm colour cast (orangish). White reflector is a versatile reflector and usually use in wide range of photography as a fill light. It is used to reduce highlight-shadow contrast.

Silver reflector is similar to mirror. It reflects pretty strong light to the subject. Color saturation tend to be high, and when we use silver reflector on location, the photo will have slightly blueish color cast because it mirrored the blue sky. In studio, the color cast is neutral (the same with source of light). Silver reflector is usually use for studio portrait or product photography.

Gold reflector reflects strong light to the subject, color saturation tend to be high and the photo will have warm color cast. Usually gold reflector is used for outdoor portrait. Not a reflector but usually designed like one

Black out - Because black color absorbs the light rather than reflect the light, the black reflector is usually used as a GOBO or to block the light from spilling to unwanted area.

Difuser Panel - This panel will forward and soften the light that hit the subject. Diffuser panel is usually use for portrait or product photography.




  • Shape: Round
  • Size open: 32" (80cm)
  • Size collapsed: 15" (35 cm) round
  • Bonus zipped round carry Bag


  • 1 x 5- in-1 80cm Photo Light Reflector
  • 1 x Carrying Case
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