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Prompt-it Maxi Teleprompter

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Product Features

  • Beamsplitter glass with silver coating 
  • Can be set up on any type of tripod.
  • Portable - comes with a convenient sturdy carry bag
  • No tools required
  • 2 glare cover positions
  • Used by professionals

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If you have to address your video or television audience directly to the camera, you’ll quickly learn how difficult it is to keep all your material in your head. Wouldn’t it be great to get it all right in just one, maybe two takes, and let the hassle of remembering lines give way to the impression of spontaneity? You need a teleprompter.

Also known as an autocue, a teleprompter is the best way of allowing someone speaking directly to a video camera to remember what they have to say – because they’re reading it straight off the front of the lens! The crucial piece of technology in all this is a sheet of beamsplitter glassmounted in front of the camera at a 45-degree angle. This special type of mirror is designed to be optically clear as seen by the camera, and highly reflective as seen by the presenter. Below the beamsplitter glass is your tablet/device displaying teleprompter software, which scrolls a mirror image of the presenter’s script up the screen at the presenter’s speaking pace. The whole outfit is enshrouded in black cloth to keep out the light.Perfect for professionals, amateurs and hobbyists in any industry. If you are presenting on camera, then prompt-it® maxi is key to making your performance even better. No bells and whistles are required here – the prompt-it® maxi is lightweight, portable, easy to set up,  and affordable.


  • Comfortable reading even from as far as 10 metres away.
  • 2 glare cover positions: back position for studio or bottom position for outdoor location shoots.•Beamsplitter glass with
  • Beamsplitter glass with silver coating (same as TV studios). Ensures crisp, highly contrasted and readable text.
  • Large glass will fit any professional or consumer camera (with a slight zoom in some cases).
  • Can be set up on any type of tripod (1/4 inch brass screw thread).
  • Holds firmly to the tripod – does not wobble or fall off.
  • Portable – the convenient travel case; makes it easy to transport in your kit!
  • Set up in under 2 minutes, no tools (not even a screwdriver).
  • Universal design allows a comfortable fit for tablets up to 26cm x 19cm.

With prompt-it®maxi, you are guaranteed to maintain eye contact at all times. It is the first and only professional teleprompter which uses the beamsplitter glass in portrait orientation (not landscape). Being narrower, portrait orientation reduces eye movement and is easier to read. prompt-it®maxi is unrivalled in beamsplitter glass quality and durability. Our specialised production technique means you get better, sturdier, higher-quality glass than other manufacturers. The beamsplitter glass has a thin-film optical coating on one side that reflects and transmits light waves that fall upon it at a specific ratio of 70% light transmission and 30% reflection 

The glass provides a 33 ft reading range, and can be adjusted up and down for best visibility. It's about the size of an A4 sheet of paper, large enough to work with both small and large cameras (with a slight zoom in some cases). This glass is a piece of work on its own. It features a silver coating, like the type used on studio teleprompters, allowing for crisp, high-contrast text readability. And it's designed for use in portrait orientation, which allows for reduced left/right eye movement (and also attests to the strength of the glass, as more stress is put on the glass in portrait orientation).

With no tools required, setup could take you just seconds, and certainly no more than a minute or two. When you're done, remove your tablet, close the glass, and pack both away into the included soft carry case, which is slim because it doesn't need to be any thicker. Also included is a hood that you can place over the glass and camera to prevent flares.

Recommended app to use with iPad

There are many fantastic teleprompter applications available for a small fee in the iTunes App store. We highly recommend Teleprompt+3 by Bombing Brain, which is easy to use, reliable and full of great features. Search teleprompt+ on app-store from your country.

This package ships with the following:
Base holder
HD Beamsplitter glass
Glare cover
Cleaning kit
Carry Bag

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