We are excited to announce that from today GripUp will be the new trading name and home of CameraKings.

The name change comes as part of a large rebranding project which we have been working on for the last 6 months.
It will better symbolise our core values and everything we stand for, not just as an equipment retailer but also as filmmakers.

The name change was done with a heavy heart, however, we are confident our new brand will represent our commitment and transparency to all customers. As well as mirror the success of our organisation over the last 8 years.

We hope GripUp conveys our most important belief system; a customer-centric approach which leads in support and advice. Unlike our competitors, creating sales was and never will be our priority.

Our relaunch will allow us to provide more services that put advice and support before making a sale and with that being said here is just a snippet of some amazing services we’ll be initiating:

  • MeetUp – We will be holding regular MeetUp events at GripUp HQ. You will be able to attend the free event, meet other like-minded filmmakers, see their short films (and even show off your own). You will also get the chance to test some newly released equipment and gain knowledge from Pros.

  • LearnHub – A regularly updated blog that will be impartial and honest. The LearnHub will be there for beginners and professionals who just need that slight edge and want to learn something they’ve not thought about before.

  • GripCoins – Our most exciting feature and the biggest gift that we could give to all filmmakers. Every time you spend with us, we’ll reward you with GripCoins in which you can use on your next purchase.

Although there are a lot of changes, this is a very exciting time for us and we sincerely hope you will join us in our journey to help our customers become better filmmakers.

Check out the new site at GripUp.com and please share it with fellow filmmakers. We really appreciate your ongoing support.

Samin – GripUp CEO


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