LUT’s in Colour Grading

What is Colour Grading?   Colour grading is a technique that photographers and filmmakers use to change the visual ‘tone’ of an image, and to manipulate the colours of a photograph. Colour grading will completely change the aesthetics of an image, and certain colours are often used in photography and film to evoke different emotions. People sometimes confuse colour grading with colour correcting, but the two are different. Colour correction is applying adjustments to improve the colours of an image, such as adjusting white balance, contrast, saturation/vibrance, and the colour temperature of an image. Colour correcting is what you need to do before you start colour grading. For colour grading, the process can involve adjustments in the curves, hue/saturation, solid colour fill and levels. LUT’s take that complicated process and allow you to apply it to your images in one click, which is why they are such a useful tool...
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directing tips

Directing tips: Working with actors

Directing tips: How to get the best from actors? Most people dream of being a director, and if you want to direct, then you will want to read these directing tips because working with actors is your biggest job come the days on set. This article applies whether you’ve never directed a film in your life or if this is your 100th short film....
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B-roll: 3 cinematic tips

B-roll tips The art of b-roll is crucial in today’s world of freelance filmmaking, where you are often working on your own to do everything. So how can you make sure your b-roll footage doesn’t let you down without causing you to shoot late into the night?...
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film jobs

Film jobs: 5 places to find them

Film jobs – Where are they all?! There’s plenty film jobs out there for you, but if you’re struggling to find them then you’re probably looking in the wrong place. In this article we give you 5 different places to find film jobs, from freelance fiction to full-time agency jobs....
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