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Camera lens: first four you should buy

You’ve bought your camera, now you need your camera lens. But is one camera lens enough? Make that camera lenses! Where do you start though? What will you need and what can you afford? Every lens has its own character, its own purpose and its own fanbase (as well as haters, but haters gonna hate)! In this article we tell you what four lenses you should pick up first, and offer some industry secrets for those on a shoe string’s shoe string budget. Let’s start with the most iconic of focal lengths…...
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stabilise footage

How to stabilise video footage!

Ever wondered how to stabilise video footage? No one likes camera shake, fact. But how do you stabilise video footage and avoid that horrible wobble? In this article we take a look at some of the best tools on the market to get smoother and more cinematic shots. Impress your client with these bits of gear or one of the more budget friendly DIY alternatives…...
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How to win a Film Competition (2018)

Making an award winning short film To win a film competition, it’s what we all aspire to. And with competitions like the Rode Reel, it’s easier than ever to get your film out there. But with so many people in the same game, how can you maximise your chance of winning?…...
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