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LanParte VB-150 V-Mount Battery - 150wh

My Product Code: VB-150

Product Features

  • Power camera and accessories for hours
  • LCD screen with power indicator
  • Voltage: 14.8V
  • Capacity: 10.1Ah 150Wh
  • Dimensions: 162 x 55 x 106mm
  • Weight: 1030g

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Power your whole camera setup with the Lanparte VB-150 V-Mount Li-Ion Battery. With 150wh of power, you can power your camera and accessories for hours, way longer than your standard camera battery. To ensure you know how much juice your battery has left, the VB-150 has an LCD screen on the side of the battery where you can monitor when it needs to be recharged.

We have sold thousands of these batteries and they continue to be one of our most popular batteries to date!


  • Voltage: 14.8V
  • Capacity: 10.1Ah 150Wh
  • Dimensions: 162 x 55 x 106mm
  • Weight: 1030g
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Andrew Long
24 March 2017
Arrived damage but replaced
Got this but somehow it was damaged in transit. Called GripUp they sorted it out straight away and sent a replacement. The new one powers my whole setup well and lasts hours!
Pete Swell
24 March 2017
Last long
As batteries go, this works well and doesn't feel/act like some of the Chinese stuff that's currently on the market. Very pleased to still find good equipment at a reasonable price within the EU, together with the quick service from GripUp.
Marco Sw from Amsterdam
24 March 2017
Solid battery
Was fed up of cheap knockoffs, know Lanparte is a pretty reliable brand since I own one of their rigs. Brought this and it powers everything on my setup for hours, really happy.
Philippe Claes
24 March 2017
Good value battery
Works perfectly with my Red Scarlet. Nothing else to say
Ben Scott
24 March 2017
Hours to play with
With this battery I power my camera, lights, iphone and mic. Basically this battery now powers my like haha!
Tom Reinhardt
24 March 2017
Excellent batteries
Very long lasting and robust with led lights...great investmenet. Peace of mind.
Demetris Christodoulides
24 March 2017
Mine arrived with broken display
Mine arrived with broken display, only the % number charge state still working, and when I charge the battery never go beyond 87% of full charge. But very long power on my 10 inch monitor, almost 10 hours ! perfect. I know that I can send back for exchange or repair and this is certainly the carrier was broken the display, but that's ok for me,I will keep the item like this. no problem !I will buy another one later and hope my next one will be intact.