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Lanparte Shoulder Support Pad for 15mm Rod System

My Product Code: LPT-SS-01

Product Features

  • ergonomic soft pad
  • fits 15mm rod system
  • hollow-out design which saves 1/3 weight
  • 4 clamping screws for stability
  • height raiser clamp
  • weighs only 620g

This product has been discontinued.


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This Lanparte shoulder pad is a high quality, soft, versatile and fits for 15mm rod system. It has an ergonomic and hollow-out design which saves 1/3 weight, four clamping screws which keep the rod stable and standard height raiser clamp. It is highly durable and scratch-proof and made by a lightweight aluminum alloy, using CNC machine. The shoulder pad size is 200*109*113.42mm, it weighs only 620g and provides you and your camera a reliable clamping.

Kit includes:

  • Lanparte shoulder pad
  • Height riser clamp

* Off set clamp and adjustable offset clamp is optional

Specifications N/A

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24 March 2017
Comfortable and Professional
So many shi*ty shoulder pads on the market that just hurt after 1 hr, so invested in this and couldn't be happier. I have other Lanparte products and know they are the best quality for the price range, so got this and love it. It also comes with a height riser clamp so you can attach it straight to your rig
24 March 2017
Quality material with the best design!
Lanpartes shoulder pad actually feels comfortable to have a rig on your shoulder for a long period. Other ones I have used are uncomfortable.