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Lanparte SCR-01 Rig with Top Grip Cage, Suitcase with Follow Focus

My Product Code: LPT-SCR-01

Product Features

  • Complete rig set up
  • Universal Grip V2
  • Follow Focus
  • Ergonomic shoulder pad
  • Standard 15mm rod system
  • Tough ABS safety case

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This LanParte product includes all components you need to have a convenient photographing experience. Each component is the result of a long development process, providing the best utility the market can offer. Both the follow focus and grip adopt quick release design.

LanParte manufactures high quality rigs at an affordable price. High-quality raw-materials, smart design and intensive testing are the pillars of Lanparte's quality standards.

This package is also available without a follow focus. Please contact us for the price without the follow focus.

Kit includes:

  • Universal Grip V2
  • Follow Focus AB Stop V2
  • Shoulder Pad for 15mm Rod System
  • Follow Focus Gear Ring (Max. Diameter - 105mm)
  • C Shape Support Arm
  • Top Handle
  • Magic Arm 1/4 & 3/8 Thread
  • 15mm Baseplate V2
  • ABS Safety Case


  • Weight: 12kg
  • Package size: 51*44*27cm


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24 March 2017
All in one package
It doesn't get much better than this. Lanparte's quality is unbelieveable and this baby just packs down into a peli style case. The follow focus is best I have used as well, like zero backlash. Couldn't be happier
24 March 2017
Affordable quality rig
I haven't got much experience with DSLR rigs, and I believe some of the really expensive brands might worth the x2, x3 or even x4 in price. With the Lanparte I think you get a quality product that wiill surely exceed the needs of the amateur, fulfill the needs of an enthousiast and meet most of the needs of a professional. The follow focus, the most significant part of a rig, is super-smooth and feels very well built that will last for long. The looks of the system is quite amazing.
24 March 2017
Talk about all in one!
I'm very happy that I invested my money on a system that's versatile and top quality with provisions for all the parts that I need to attach and use while shooting. There are a lot of parts in order to put the whole system together but it only takes a few minutes to assemble. It's great that the listing linked to the specific parts included in the kit. I was able to get precise information about them which really helped me in deciding to purchase the system.