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Lanparte PB-600-EL15 Portable Battery for Nikon D600, D7000, D800E, D800 V1

My Product Code: PB-600-EL15

Product Features

  • Small portable battery
  • Gives your camera life, for up to 6hours
  • compatible with many different Nikon Cameras
  • Extend your shoot time
  • battery pack with a full decoding chip inside the adaptor
  • Simple LED charging indicator

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Extend your shoot time and keep your camera powered with the Lanparte PB-600-E15 Portable Battery. The EL-15 is compatible with Nikon D600, D7000, D800E and D800 V1. High power is exemplified by this 4 piece set, which allows you to shoot for over 6 hours. It's a portable battery with an empty battery shell that slides into your camera just like a normal battery does. On the side of your camera by the camera door, there will be a little rubber flap that allows the cable to come out and allow you to shut the camera battery door.

It uses a smart charging function, so it's easy to use. You only need to plug the cable in. While charging, the LED light is red and, after charging, it will turn green. Simple ey?

Along with the battery, you will receive one battery pack with a full decoding chip inside the adaptor.

There are three versions available;

E6 - Canon 5D3,5D2,6D,7D,60D
E8 - Canon EOS 550D 600D 650D 700D,  EOS Rebel T2i  T4i  EF-S,  EOS Kiss X4, X5 X6i 
EL-15 - Nikon D600, D7000, D800E, D800 V1

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