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Konova K5-150 Camera Slider Kit (150cm)

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Product Features

  • 150cm Slider with 23k Capacity
  • Multiple operating angles
  • Adjustable friction Knobs
  • Various mounting options
  • Comfortable carrying case
  • Chrome Plated Shaft

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The Konova K5-150 slider (150cm) is a versatile and innovatively designed camera slider that supports heavy weights (equipment weighing up to 23 kg. The K5 comes in four different lengths-80, 100, 120 and 150 cm. This slider's high-quality build enables safe outdoor use and its quality adjustable feet provide additional alignment options and the required balance in rough terrains, uneven surfaces or when ever necessary.

The use of oil bearings ensures getting amazingly smooth and noise free sliding movement. Two oil seals are included, mainly to provide extra lubrication. in addition, if the operator is looking for precise length shots, the oil seals can also be used as slider blocks. Another important feature is the adjustable friction. Friction can be adjusted easily via the adjustment knob or by using the hex wrench.

The K5 includes a variety of mounting options, making it a versatile slider that provides more than the typical left-to-right shot. Tripod mounting is enabled thanks to the 1/4" and 3/8" threads at the slider's bottom. The slider can be operated in a wide angle range- Horizontally, diagonally (with a modular ball head or a 3/8"-5/8" adapter) and even vertically in crane-like motions. The K5 is delivered in its comfortable carrying case and includes a complementary cleaning cloth.

An interesting optional product for this slider system is the Konova Crank Handle Kit, This easy-to-mount product enables an accurate adjustment of the sliding unit.

Kit Includes

  • 1 X Konova K5-150 Slider (150cm)
  • 2 X Advanced Feet
  • 2 X Advanced Feet pouch
  • 1 X Tuning Kit
  • 1 X Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 X Konova Crank Handle Kit (Optional)


  • Multiple operating angles
  • Adjustable friction Knobs
  • Various mounting options
  • Two oil seals can be used for cleaning and lubrication.
  • Comfortable carrying case
  • Chrome Plated Shaft

Max Load: 50.7 lbs (23.0 kg)
Bearings: 3
Bearing Size: 2.4 cm
Shaft Size: 0.8 cm
Dimensions (WxDxH)
K5-80: 4.6 cm x 80 cm cm x 2.3 cm
K5-100: 4.6 cm x 100 cm cm x 2.3 cm
K5-120: 4.6 cm x 120 cm cm x 2.3 cm
K5-150: 4.6 cm x 150 cm cm x 2.3 cm
K5-80: 6.4 lbs (2.92 kg)
K5-100: 7.23 lbs (3.28 kg)
K5-120: 8.59 lbs (3.90 kg)
K5-150: 10.36 lbs (4.70 kg)

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