Gimbal Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the best 3-axis gimbal

Choosing the right 3-axis gimbal for your camera can be hard, with so many possible camera and lens configurations it is difficult to know which stabilisers will work best your setup. This tool makes it easy by recommending the top 3-axis gimbals based on your device’s weight. Alternatively view all gimbals.

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Why use a 3-axis gimbal?

Manual stabilisation systems and steadicams have been around for years. The results can be amazing but it is definitely a skill that takes time to develop and many systems are quite bulky. 3-Axis gimbals have exploded in popularity over the last few years due to their ease of use, size, and price allowing many consumers and amatures to capture incredible footage that was previously unattainable. If you are looking to produce professional smooth stable videos then a gimbal is a must have accessory.

Types of cameras:

Smartphone & GoPro Gimbals

Smartphone & GoPro Gimbals

The standard of cameras on iPhones and other smartphones have made them a great choice for first time filmmakers. An easy way to make your footage look more professional is to capture smooth stable shots with a gimbal, many of which can also hold GoPros. Action Cameras like GoPro are durable cameras that are mountable to almost anything, allowing you to get closer to the action. With most extreme sports the pace is fast and it is not always a smooth ride, this is where a gimbal stabiliser can really improve your shots allowing you to record exciting footage that is perfectly stable.

Compact Camera Gimbals

Compact Camera Gimbals

Compact Cameras have developed in recent years to adjust to the rise of smartphones ever improving cameras. As a result compact models include many advanced features making them far superior than before. They still remain simple to use, lightweight and make a great stepping stone into photography. Compact cameras are a popular choice for travel and the addition of a gimbal can make your holiday footage and vlogs look much more professional. Use this tool to find the best gimbal for your camera

DSLR Gimbals

DSLR Gimbals

DSLRs and Mirrorless Cameras have made professional film production accessible to everyone. Stabilisation has always been an issue in film and traditional systems were bulky and heavy. 3-Axis gimbals have revolutionised this and allowed amature and professional filmmakers to capture perfectly smooth footage, instantly increasing their production value. From lightweight single handle models designed for mirrorless cameras to large professional dual handle gimbals built for cinema cameras, this tool will find the right stabiliser for you.

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