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Flycam 3000 Steadycam with Arm Brace & FREE Unico Quick Release

My Product Code: FLCM-3000-ABQ

Product Features

  • Flycam 3000 Steadycam with Arm Brace
  • Load capacity 3.5kg
  • telescoping base
  • no tools are necessary
  • Universal camera plate with 1/4" and 3/8" holes
  • Double bearing handle

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Flycam 3000 Steadycam with Arm Brace is a dynamic production tool in the industry. Designed to provide supplemental camera protection and handling options during handheld shooting. It will enable you to make fast and smooth movements due to it's light weight. 

It features a universal baseplate and has both 1/4" and 3/8" mounting slots to allow most camera bases. You can slide your camera on both the horizontal and vertical axis using the thumbscrews to adjust your horizontal balance. By varying the counterweight discs on the base platform you can adjust the camera's vertical balance.  Add or remove weights as required to balance your camera. The position of the telescopic post also affects the vertical balance.

Wheelbarrow bearing provides rotational camera control with easy ‘on axis’ movement. The handgrip swivels left and right from the bolt. The angle bracket enables grip to move up and down. The telescopic Post extends from 40cm to a full rise height of 58cm to adjust the balance weight of the camera. 

The Arm Support Brace is designed to distribute the weight of the system over the entire forearm of the operator. This steadycam support arm brace not only provides the operator with cushioned comfort while shooting. The Flycam 3000 camera steadycam with arm brace & quick release comes in a foam lined, custom fit, protective storage case with easy tote handles. 




  • Head plate 6"x 4.25"x .75"
  • Mid plate 4.5" x 4"
  • Bottom plate 4" x 4"
  • Base platform 4" x 10"
  • Sixteen counter weight discs
  • Four weight holders
  • Counter weight discs average 2.8 ounces
  • Universal camera plate with 1/4" and 3/8" holes
  • Black anodised aluminium
  • CNC machined
  • Double bearing handle
  • Fatigue resisting padded handle
  • Easily movable control
  • Weighing capacity: 3.5kg/7.7lbs
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