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Filmcity FC-03 DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig Kit

My Product Code: DVC-FC-03

Product Features

  • Center to Center span of 60mm
  • 15mm Rod system
  • Adjustable comfort shoulder support pad
  • Soft grip rubber handles for reduced stress
  • Quick Release Plate with leveler
  • Standard camera mount thread setting of 1/4‘’-20

This product has been discontinued.


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Shoot like the pros with our Filmcity FC-03 DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig Kit that is specifically designed for shooters on the move. The Infinite mounting points on kit lets you get beautiful and custom designed footages. The sturdy cage with soft grip top handle enables the users in doing hand-held shooting without exhaustion. Comes with a follow focus that helps in sharp and accurate focus pulls, a matte box that add cinematic effects in your footage. The ergonomically designed shoulder pad provides comfort for long durations and quick release plate enables to quick mount your equipment securely to tripod. The counter weight provides proper balance to rig and helps to get stable steady video shots for the long time. Modernisation is incorporated with new design and technology to deliver guaranteed and unbelievable results.


Handles gives you a powerful grip so you don’t have to worry about slippage.


Quick release plate system not only lets you work more quickly, you'll find you can mount your video camera equipment to your tripod head more securely with less risk of vibration or slipping.



Shoulder Support Pad is easy fits into the industry-standard 15mm accessory rods. An included mount allows you to mount the shoulder pad on the camera rig.


This counter weight properly balanced and will help to get stable steady video shots for the long time. This will also eliminate your fatigue while working with camera shoulder rig for the long time.



Can be used as central bracket to center the camera. It can be used where using handheld camera rig with 15mm Rails (60mm center distance) or with any other package as per the capability. It is very useful accessory for the DSLR users to bring the camera more closer to the eye. The 15mm Straight Bracket is made of high impact, high strength Polyamide resin.


15mm Z-bracket (60mm center-to-center distance) allows you to center align the camera. You can use it on any camera shoulder mount kit with 15mm rails (60mm center distance) or with any other compatible package. ‘Z’ bracket allows operators to adjust for better eye line contact with your cameras LCD display.



Stable and durable camera cage with the multiple mounting options



The Top Handle with soft grip is an excellent feature of the cage to enables the users in doing hand-held shooting for a long time without exhaustion.


The 9" Cage brackets are made of strong and lightweight polyamide resin with swing away mechanism. Aluminum light weight rods. Cage design is good for using with DV/HDV/DSLR camcorders.



MB-600 is designed for DV/HDV cameras with normal and wide-angle lenses. It is detachable and lightweight, and functions as a lens hood as well. The top and side barn doors provide extra protection from direct light and 4X4” rotating filter holder enables you to eject or install square filters without disturbing the microphone or flash settings. The metal front adjuster is designed with quick lock mechanism for rapid functionality.

Light weight, clip-on solution


The Follow focus X1 with 0.8 film pitch drive gear allows you to pull focus of still and cinema lenses. The follow focus includes integrated hard stops with easy begin/end setups enable fast repeatable racking between 2 focus points. The marking disk allows you to view your focus marks from many angles. It offers 6 gear rings for precise and easy adjustments to the focus and speed crank switches your follow focus unit to crank operation.

Adjustable slide mounting mechanism to fit any lens diameter

FREE Handle Bracket 

Filmcity presents a new Handle Bracket perfect for mostly every HD video cameras. This HDV Handle Bracket support camera mount adapter is flat from the top which directly gets mounted to any mini steadycam for quick low angle shots that are difficult to get. This Handle Bracket features multiple mounting options like audio transmitters, LCD Monitors or other accessories to your camera.


Filmcity FC-03 DSLR Camera Cage Shoulder Rig Kit

>  Construction - Polyamide resin
>  Center to Center span of 60mm
>  15mm Rod diameter
>  Shoulder Support constructed from industrial grade High- impact, High-strength Polyamide resin
>  Adjustable comfort shoulder support pad of energy absorbing, pliable rubber
>  Soft grip rubber handles for reduced stress
>  Quick Release Plate with leveler
>  Standard camera mount thread setting of1/4‘’-20
>  1/4‘’-20 for Tripod Mounting

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