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DJI Remote Controller for Inspire 1

My Product Code: DJI-Controller-In-1

Product Features

  • Take absolute control of your Inspire 1
  • Use Second Tx To Control Gimbal
  • Dedicated Video and Photo Buttons
  • Gimbal Control Dial
  • 2.4 GHz Ground-to-Air Radio
  • 5.8 GHz Transmitter-to-Transmitter

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DJI Inspire 1 Remote Controller

Dedicated Controls
Featuring dedicated buttons for photo and video capture a gimbal control dial an integrated rechargeable battery and more it's easy and intuitive to fly. The controller has an HDMI and USB port allowing you to connect mobile devices or compatible screens.

Optional dual-operator control
Fly with a friend and share your vision. Achieve shots that never would have been possible alone by using two remote controllers. One person flies while the other controls the camera.

Easy safe flight
Even if you've never flown before taking off and landing your Inspire 1 is easy and safe. It takes just one tap to make your Inspire 1 takeoff and transform ready to start filming. Then tap again to have it transform into landing mode and land.

When GPS is available the Home Point (the location you are standing) automatically refreshes so your Inspire 1 always knows where you are even if you move around. When you tell it to come back or in case of an emergency it knows exactly where to go and land safely.

Full-featured app
Take complete control of your camera and flight system with a comprehensive mobile app. Everything from manual camera controls to flight telemetry and even auto takeoff and landing are just a tap away with more functions and updates coming soon.

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