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Camtree G-51 Gripper Suction Car Mount

My Product Code: DVC-G-51

Product Features

  • Gripper Suction Cups
  • Super strong
  • 4 kg maximum payload
  • Can be mounted on any vehicle easily
  • Flexible, strong and sturdy tilt head
  • Includes Extension rods (3 and 6 inch)

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Shoot video from your car with the Camtree Gripper G-51, a support suitable for HDV/HD size cameras (maximum camera weight 4kg). It has strong adjustable joints to ensure captivating, high-quality video of views outside your car. You can take video of nature and people, and even film sideways while driving.

Attach the Camtree Gripper G-51 solidly on an automobile, boat, light truck or any type of vehicle, on the outside (plain surface) of the vehicle or on the interior windows. The camera mounting system is adjustable to any height and position and allows you to fix a camcorder on a vehicle in a variety of configurations with different sized rods and a ball tilt head. If you are interested in taking dynamic photos and videos from a moving car, instead of dangerously hanging out the window, invest in our Camtree Gripper G-51 car camera mount. The camera can be pointed in almost any direction.

Kit includes:

  • 6 x 6-inch Rods
  • 3 x 3-inch Rods
  • 3 x Gripper Cups
  • 6 x Ball Tilt Head
  • 1 x Dust Cover
  • 1 x Hub
  • Foam Carrying Case with Bag




Gripper Suction Cups:

The suction cups are very sturdy and robust in nature. The cups are very light in weight, yet can bear the camera weight of up to 3.5 kg. It's easily stuck to a surface and held tight with the central lever. Once it is tightened, the cup cannot be removed unless the lever is pulled out.

Ball Tilt Head:

The ball tilt head allows the camera to move in the desired direction. It's a very flexible, strong and sturdy head. It helps in achieving extra height; joins the two rods together.

These ball heads are made of pressure die casting. The upper head moves vertically and the lower body base moves horizontally. The ball head is made of aluminium powder coating, a very strong and robust material.

Extension Rods and Camera Mounting Hub:

Extension rods are provided in two sizes (3 and 6 inch) and can be used in any way. The rods can be extended to the desired length. These extensions are solid, durable black ABS plastic (not hollow tubes) made with 1/4 screw at one side and another on the other end.

The camera is attached to this system with the camera hub. The universal hub head can hold any still or video camera up to 3.5kg safely. There are slots on the camera hub to align rods in different directions. Side slots are for straight set up of rods and slots on the inner and outer circumference can be used for an angular set of arrangements.

  • Weight Bearing Capacity: 9 lbs (4 kg)
  • Release Lever: Pull out the lever of the suction cup to release it.
  • Construction:
    • Extension Rods: solid AMS plastic, black in color, with 1/4 screw
    • Camera Hub: Black anodized aluminum
    • Ball Tilt Head: Ball Head is made of aluminium powder coating
  • Dimensions:
    • Screw Size: 1/4 inch
    • Rods Length: 3 and 6 inches
    • Ball Tilt Head Length: 70mm, Width: 60mm
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