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Autocue Starter Series 17" Straight-read Package for use with Light Rings

My Product Code: AOC-OCU-SSP17D

Product Features

  • Designed for reading ranges of up to 6m (20 ft).
  • Ready-built prompter mounting system
  • Straight-read above camera teleprompter
  • free teleprompter software
  • 10m VGA cable
  • Dual screen functionality

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Complete teleprompter package for use with light rings, including free teleprompter software. Designed for reading ranges of up to 6m (20 ft).

Kit includes:
  • Ready-built prompter mounting system that fits to all tripods and is fully adjustable to deliver balance without the need for counterweights
  • 10m VGA cable
  • USB security dongle ヨ allows you to move teleprompting software to any PC and simply insert dongle to validate
  • Quick installation guides and detailed user manuals
  • Full warranties ヨ 1 year for prompter monitor; 3 years for prompter hardware
Includes Feature-rich teleprompter software:
    • Dual screen functionality that reverses the script for reflection in the prompt monitor but keeps it the right way round on the PC
    • Multi-language text and menus with icon-based action buttons
    • Multiple prompter control options
    • Import QStart, .doc, .rtf and .txt files
    • Formatting and search functionality
    • Ability to set markers in the script and assign keys to them

Entry-level straight- read prompter package:

      • On-camera unit
      • Straight-read above camera teleprompter
      • Floor or tripod standing straight-read monitor

Everything you need in 1 box:

      • Icon-based prompting software included
      • Designed for all cameras - riser & easy balance system

Free teleprompter hardware and software support:

    • Support teams in 3 locations - NY, Charlotte & London
    • 50+ years of experience serving global broadcasters' prompting needs
    • Free software upgrades & monitor warranties
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  • Size: 17ヤ
  • Reading Range: 6m (20ft)
  • Brightness: 300 Nits
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
  • Video Inputs: BNC (Composite), VGA, S-Video
  • Weight: 7.6 kgs (16.7 lbs)
  • Compliance: CE, FCC, ROHS


  • Operating Systems: XP, Windows 7 Professional, Mac
  • Control Options: Keyboard numbers or arrow keys,
  • mouse, ShuttleXpress, Wireless Hand Control or Foot Control
  • Dual screen: Yes
  • Language: All Windows languages

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29 June 2018
Incredibly Useful
We have a 3 cam set up for our studio and these come incredibly useful since alot of the times the presenters we have on screen cant remember their lines. So buying these was extremely handy. Good quality and good price. Arrived quickly and great service from the guys at GripUp (thanks Kash for your help).