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Acebil J-805GX Tripod with 75mm Ball Head and Ground Spreader

My Product Code: ACE-J-805GX

Product Features

  • Supports up to 8.8 lb (4kg)
  • Provides fixed counter balance and drag via the 805 head
  • 805 standard head
  • Allows tilt angles of +90° / -60°
  • Provides camera mounting via quick release slide plate
  • Includes the s-30 carry case for storing the tripod system

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This Acebil J-805GX Prosumer Tripod System includes a single stage, lightweight (9.1 lb / 4.10kg) aluminum tripod. It includes the 805 fluid head, a ground spreader and the s-30 carrying case. The Tripod is capable of supporting maximum payload of up to 8.8 lb (4kg). This tripod system provides an optimal solution for small, high performance MiniHD/DSLR Cameras.

This aluminum tripod can be adjusted in height, ranging from 34.2" to 59" (86.8 - 149.8 cm). The ground spreader holds the legs in two positions (45° and 90°) and provides enhanced augmented stability and rigidity. You can achieve a perfect fixed counter balance and drag with the included 805 standard head. A convenient standard leveling base with 75mm ball diameter is provided with this kit allowing tilt angles of +90° / -60°.

Kit Includes:

  • Tripod
  • 805 Fluid Head
  • Ground Spreader
  • S-30 Case for J-805Mx or J-80GX Tripod
  • 1 Year Warranty

Additional Features:

  • Offers an optimum solution for small and high-performance MiniHD camcorders
  • Includes a single stage, lightweight (9.1 lb / 4.12kg) aluminum tripod that can be adjusted to a height ranging from 34.2" to 59" (86.8 - 149.8 cm)
  • Includes a ground spreader that offers 45° and 90° positions and holds the tripod legs in position providing augmented stability and rigidity

Manual Camera mounting is provided via a quick release slide plate. You can use the s-30 soft carry case for storing the J-805GX tripod system.

  • Payload:ᅠApprox. 8.8 lb (4kg)
  • Tilt Angle:ᅠ+90° / -60°
  • Counterbalance:ᅠFix
  • Drag Control:ᅠFixᅠ
  • Camera plate: Quick release slide plateᅠ
  • Plate attachment: 1/4 screw with video pin
  • Weight:ᅠ9.1 lb (4.1kg)
  • Height:ᅠ34.2-59" (82-158cm)
  • Ball Diameter:ᅠ75mm
  • Sections:ᅠ1 stage
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