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GripUp is a London based filmmaking equipment store run by filmmakers.

Our team

GripUp's CTO Oli and CEO Samin on set with the Varavon's WireCam

Our Story

We are a group of filmmakers who started GripUp to provide a service that put advice and support before making a sale. Our knowledge of gear comes from the field, not the showroom, ensuring we supply you with the right gear.

As former film students, we understand both the excitement and pressure of film school, which is why we offer a student discount, making sure a lack of gear does not prevent you from telling your story. Since starting out in 2009 we have helped thousands of filmmakers from around the globe, and from our London showroom, we have been able to assist with demonstrations, tutorials, and setup support to everyone; from amateur to professional.

GripUp aims to be an integral part of both the London filmmaking scene and the industry as a whole by giving back to the community that helped create us.

Your Story

Whether you are a new student, making your final project, working your first gig, or a seasoned professional; we can help. Looking for the best filmmaking equipment? Find thousands of professional video & audio products to increase your production value.

Unsure what you looking for? Speak with a fellow filmmaker and get honest advice and support to ensure you get the right piece of gear. We will never upsell you unsuitable products; genuine guidance is at the core of what we do.

Aside from equipment, we aim to support filmmakers through our dedicated learn section, which contains tips, how-tos, hacks, reviews, and much more. These regular articles provide the information you need to tell better stories. It’s not just content with just offering advice and the best products, but we also like to celebrate our customers work and regularly share what you are doing with the thousands of filmmakers across our network.