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About 3-axis Gimbals

Motorised Handheld Gimbals are the latest in professional camera stabilisation. Whether 2-axis or 3-axis these powerful pieces of equipment provide a compact, reliable solution with a high performance. You can find models for GoPro, iPhone/Smartphone, lightweight DSLR, Mirrorless and heavier professional equipment. With brands like Zhiyun, LanParte and Ikan for smaller one-handed systems with Varavon and DJI producing two-handed systems for bigger camera/lens support.

Why Use a Camera Gimbal?

The results from these gimbals are smooth, controlled, flawless shots that increase your production value. Once balanced they are simple and intuitive to use with a much easier learning curve compared to traditional manual models. Most have several modes allowing you to create a range of versatile shots, once you see the results a gimbal will become a staple piece of kit on your shoots.